TOC Journal of Advanced Military Studies--special issue on strategic culture

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December 31, 2023
Virginia, United States
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Military History, Political History / Studies, Political Science, World History / Studies

Special issue: Strategic Culture

Guest Editor: Jeannie Johnson


From the Editor



An Iranian Worldview: The Strategic Culture  of the Islamic Republic

Ali Parchami, DPhil


The Russian Mindset and War: Between Westernizing the East and Easternizing the West

Ofer Fridman, PhD


China’s Identity through a Historical Lens

Neil Munro, PhD 


The Strategic Culture of Resistance: Iranian Strategic Influence in Its Near Abroad

W. A. Rivera, PhD


Moscow’s Strategic Culture: Russian Militarism  in an Era of Great Power Competition

Major Evan Kerrane, USA, PhD 


“We Must Protect This Peace with Our Hands”: Strategic Culture and Japan’s Use of Force in International Disputes as Depicted in Ministry of Defense Manga Promotional Materials

Matthew Brummer, PhD; and Eitan Oren, PhD


The United Arab Emirates as a Case Study in Assessing  Over-the-Horizon Nuclear Proliferation

Katie C. Finlinson


The Foundations of Pakistan’s Strategic Culture: Fears of an Irredentist India, Muslim Identity, Martial Race, and Political Realism

Mark Briskey, PhD


Structuring Cultural Analyses: Applying the Holistic Will-to-Fight Models

Ben Connable, PhD


Unrecognized Republic, Recognizable Consequences: Russian Troops in “Frozen” Transnistria

Benjamin Potter


Lord’s Resistance Army Culture Provides Opening to Prevent Attacks and Advance Humanitarian Efforts

Emilee Matheson


Deterring Russian Nuclear Threats with Low-Yield Nukes  May Encourage Limited Nuclear War

Jeffrey Taylor


Review Essay

Irregular Warfare, Insurgencies, and Counterinsurgencies: Culture Matters

José de Arimatéia da Cruz, PhD/MPH

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