CFP Panel submissions for GSA 2022 - deadline 3/27! - Modelling Ir-Reality: Theories and Practices of Simulation

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Call for Papers
March 27, 2022
Texas, United States
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Film and Film History, German History / Studies, Literature, Philosophy, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

Modelling Ir-Reality: Theories and Practices of Simulation


Terms like reality, appearance, illusion, mimesis and simulation have been employed to such diverse programmatic ends in literature and literary studies that one easily loses track of where one ends and the others begin. Where fixed definitions may be elusive, this panel hopes to explore how the variety of applications might prove instructive. We seek contributions that engage with these and similar terms to explore literature that comments on and instantiates some form of simulation.


Our guiding questions for this panel are: What is the relationship between the literary and the real – oppositional, co-creating, supplemental? How do altered states of consciousness model the production and reception of literature? How does the analysis or diagnosis of contemporary life inform changing models of literary representation? What types of loss can literature address? What types of loss does literature create?


Papers that relate non-literary theories of simulation to specific works, genres or authors are especially welcome, as are studies of other narrative media like film and theater.


Please send a brief abstract (350 - 500 words) and a short bio to panel organizers Bryson Tedford ( and Gina Marich (

Deadline: March 27, 2022

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Bryson Tedford

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