Acta Via Serica 2022 International Conference at Keimyung University, South Korea: Carpet Weaving: History and Beauty of the Silk Road

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South Korea
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Arabic History / Studies, Archaeology, Architecture and Architectural History, Asian History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies
Acta Via Serica 2022 International Conference
Carpet Weaving: History and Beauty of the Silk Road
November 3-5, 2022 ∥ Academia Via Serica, Keimyung University, Korea


We are pleased to announce this international conference sponsored by the North Province of Gyeongsang, Korea. The conference will thread the needle of various perspectives on carpet weaving including archeology, art history, and international trade along the Silk Road. This is a continuation of our 2021 conference on Textiles from the Silk Road, designed to delve more deeply into the topic. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply with an abstract along with a brief bio by 15th April 2022.
Please CLICK HERE to apply.

Those who obtain the consent of the Organizing Committee are eligible to submit a full paper by 15th August 2022 and will be offered support for their in-person participation in Korea. The paper can be used for presentation purposes, but must follow the journal submission guidelines for subsequent publication.


Key Dates

Submission Deadline15th April 2022
Acceptance NoticeApril, 2022
Selected Full Paper Submission Deadline15th August 2022
Invitation Notice15th September 2022
Final Revised Full Paper Submission Deadline15th October 2022
Conference Presentation3rd-5th November 2022
Editing and Layout (for publishable papers)30th November 2022
Publication in Acta Via Serica15th December 2022


NOTE: Only applicants whose papers pass peer reviews will be offered support to participate in the conference, and their papers will be included in the special December 2022 issue of Acta Via Serica. These specific applicants will be provided with an economy class round trip ticket (for international participants), domestic travel expenses, room and board for 3 days and 2 nights, and a KRW 500,000 honorarium. All other applicants are warmly welcome to apply and participate in our conference on a self-funded basis.

The official conference language is English. However, contributive and influential papers in other languages are also encouraged, and translation and interpretation services will be offered as the occasion arises. If COVID-19 interferes, some parts of the conference will be switched online


Contact the organizing committee for questions:
Co-chairs: Dr. Jimin Lee · Dr. Farrah Sheikh
Coordinator: Mr. Joon Hwan Lee
Application Link:

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Academia Via Serica

Keimyung University

1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu, Daegu 42601, Republic of Korea



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