(Il)legality of Military Force and Violence Navigating between Possibility, Necessity, and Proportionality / 61. International (online) Conference for Military History ITMG

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Call for Papers
May 29, 2022
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Social Sciences, Military History, Law and Legal History, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies

The Russian war against Ukraine violates the prohibition of the use of force in article 2 (4) of the Charter of the United Nations. Since the Briand-Kellogg-Pact in 1928, the use of war as means to settle political disputes between states has been prohibited. The Charter of the United Nations reaffirmed this prohibition and expanded it beyond the use of force, to include the threat of force. Since 1945, the prohibition of aggressive wars has formed a core principle of the international order. Now, the consequences for the international order are to be discussed. The conference will address this topic by examining the historical development of the principles relation to (Il)legality of military force and violence (see full concept/call for papers).

Scholars from law, history, sociology, political science, and other cognate disciplines are welcome. The conference languages are English and German. Translation will be provided. The conference will be online.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of original papers until 29 May 2022.

Abstracts must not exceed 500 words. Please add name, affiliation, and a short (one page max.) CV to your proposal.

If you want to organize a panel (3 slots max. for a two-hour panel), extend your submission for each author under the forementioned conditions.

It will also be possible to organize an author meets critic event. State in your proposal a book, its relevance, and a possible commentator beside the book author.

Please find additional information and an extended CfP on our website.


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