Call for Chapters: Using Poetics and Technology to Inform Pre-Service Educators’ Transformative Pedagogy

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Educational Technology, Humanities, Teaching and Learning

Please consider submitting a chapter proposal for Using Poetics and Technology to Inform Pre-Service Educators’ Transformative Pedagogy, which is being edited by Professors Lindamichelle Baron and Xin Bai of the Teacher Education Department at York College, The City University of New York.

Recommended Topics
1. How we see critical literacy and e-learning working together?
2. Critical Literacy in a digital age (reshaping the relationships among words, images, and sound)
3. When learning is fun and games
4. Culturally responsive sustaining education
5. Use technology to promote higher-order thinking
....a. How to discern what’s real and not?
....b. How does that support critical literacy, social justice?
....c. How to use technology to enhance analysis, synthesis, creative expression, and critical thinking
6. How the two ends of the spectrum come to the same benefits?
7. Using digital co-create tools to build and share
8. Performing creative work - graffiti from a physical to a digital wall
9. How women are portraying themselves in the media, TV, and the Internet?
10. N-word by people of African descent – demeaning or freeing them from past pain?
11. Enhanced found poetry (a vehicle for exploration and learning – co-creating and sharing poems)
12. Investigating modern media questioning images of creative expression: do they promulgate self empowerment; a type of self loathing; stereotyping or other ways of seeing themselves and their communities
13. Poetic Expression and Technological Artistry
14. Connecting technology and culture

A full description of the book project and the call for contributors are available on the publisher's website:

Important Dates
May 2, 2022: Proposal Submission Deadline
May 12, 2022: Full Chapter Submission
July 10, 2022: Review Results Returned
August 21, 2022: Final Acceptance Notification
September 4, 2022: Final Chapter Submission


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