Call for Short Book Manuscripts

Dong Wang Announcement
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Call for Publications
New York, United States
Subject Fields
Area Studies, Asian History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, Social History / Studies, South Asian History / Studies

Short book (100-150 pages) manuscripts are invited for the Asian Studies Collection, Lived Places Publishing, a new generation publishing based in New York and the U.K. This book series aims to increase our understanding of Asians in the world and the students of the world’s understanding of Asia. Our exploration of the people of Asia includes the Asian- and Indo-Pacific and the Asian Arctic regions. Books in the Asian Studies Collection will explore stories of people’s experiences in Asia through lived places, tangible and intangible, and a multitude of angles and perspective.

Past and present lives have always unfolded in places, be they physical or imagined. This book collection intends to root our knowledge of Asian politics, economies, societies, ethnicities, religions, military affairs, law, medicine, technologies, and cultures in the places where people live—not in the abstract “nonplace” of the Asian region or diaspora. Which meanings do we attach to the places we live? How do lived experiences within Asia change the way one looks at oneself and others? Do narratives and histories enchant places or do places enchant their inhabitants?

For futher details, visit the Asian Studies Collection page or here. If interested, please email your book proposals at 

If you are planning to attend the upcoming Association for Asian Studies annual conference in Honolulu, as the collection editor, I am available for in-person discussions there. Contact information can be found here.