Adapting Bridgerton

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April 30, 2022
California, United States
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Adapting Bridgerton

If Jane Austen and the history books present one version of the regency, Bridgerton shows a far different one. While the series had many surprises for viewers, it’s less clear what’s responsible. Does this come from being a 2020 show? From Netflix style? From the romance novels source material? Let’s consider and also weigh what worked and what didn’t. I’m seeking essays on:

Length will depend on how many submissions arrive. They will be in MLA format, secondary sources welcome, scholarly be approachable and fun for fans. Abstracts Due April 30, with a rolling acceptance, essays due June 30.

Please send to with a subject of Bridgerton.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to the following:

The music, lighting, and other staging effects.

Context: comparisons with Downton Abbey, Outlander, The White Queen, Austen adaptations, etc.

Netflix franchises

The show’s origin in a romance novel

Costume and manners anachronisms

The sex scenes


Consent in the MeToo era

Fan response/fans changing the content

Memes, reviews, fanfic and other online responses to the show

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Please send to with a subject of Bridgerton.

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