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March 23, 2018 to March 25, 2018
California, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies and Theology, South Asian History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

South Asia, home to one quarter of the earth’s population, is of extraordinary global importance. Its impact and its output touch virtually all countries on earth. Its influence in the world cuts across all sectors of human experience. Presenters and panels at SASA 2018 will address and share knowledge and insights about South Asia’s rich and unrivaled past, its bold and remarkable present, and its soaring prospects for the future. Cultural and social sidebar events during SASA 2018 will include film screenings, live performances, exhibits, meals featuring cuisine from the region, Exemplar Award presentations, multiple networking opportunities, and more.

Now in its second decade, the South Asian Studies Association has long advanced and presented research in the history, humanities, and social sciences of South Asia. SASA has now expanded this mission, as well as the scope of its Annual Conferences. SASA 2018 will address and celebrate South Asia’s place in the world by shining spotlights on its past, present, and future. Leading scholars and academecians will again gather and present papers and talks within traditional SASA South Asia Academic Tracks. SASA 2018, however, will also present major Wider-Focus South Asia Plenary Sessions which feature leaders from within South Asia-centered business and trade, government, NGOs and nonprofits, and media & entertainment. These individuals, and all attendees, will both enrich and be enriched by shared interactions during SASA 2018. We’re confident that this blending of expanded disciplines and diversified expertise will make SASA 2018 the most vital and robust annual conference in our history. Together we will also set the bar and the template for future South Asian Studies Association Conferences.
We invite you to roll up your sleeves, get involved, and help shape and deliver an unforgettable SASA 2018 Conference.

SASA invites and encourages papers and presentations that address the rich tapestry that is South Asia’s past, present, and future. For consideration Proposals should be submitted to SASA 2018 Academic Program Executive Chairperson, Vandana Asthana, at Proposals should align with one theme, or at most two themes, within the Academic Tracks listed following. The panel time allocated for each paper will be 15 minutes plus five minutes for Q&A. The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 19, 2017. Early submissions are greatly encouraged. For questions or recommendations, please email SASA 2018 Academic Program Executive Chairperson, Vandana Asthana, at

History Open Category
Examples New Thoughts on Ancient Practices and Discoveries New Insights from Archaeological Research South Asian Journalism in the Time of the Raj Rethinking Post-Colonial South Asia
Culture, Religion and Philosophy Open Category
Examples South Asia’s People and Beliefs Religion and Globalization in South Asia Contemporary Views of Gender Across South Asia Ayurveda and Yoga in the 21st Century.

Economics, Politics and Governance Open Category Examples South Asia: Wealth, Poverty, and the Flow of Money Majoritarian and Right-wing Populism Minorities and Constitution-Making in South Asia Cross-sections: Technology, Politics and Governance in South Asia.

Literary, Visual and Performing Arts Open Category Examples South Asia Expresses: Words for the Ages South Asia Expressed: Imagery, Sculpture, Architecture Telling South Asia’s Stories Through Performance Gender, Sexuality, and Power in South Asian Cinema
- NEW FOR SASA 2018 -
As part of SASA’s broader mission, SASA 2018 will also present several major Plenary Sessions. These sessions will feature active participation by prominent leaders from within the South Asia-focused fields listed below. Participation by South Asia-focused university and college scholars will be included. For questions or recommendations please email SASA Chairperson Ken Silverman at:

Business and Entrepreneurship
Representative Areas of Focus Successfully Doing Business Across Borders Shifting Trends in Trade and Investment The New Entrepreneurial Fervor Sweeping South Asia Technology Innovation in South Asia
Education, Nonprofits and Philanthropy
Representative Areas of Focus The State of Education Across South Asia The NGO Landscape Across South Asia Giving Back: The Dollars and Sense Successful Nonprofit Models and Case Studies
Media and Entertainment Representative Areas of Focus South Asian Media – Past, Present, Future Multinational Media in South Asia: The World Comes in, the Local Impact Exporting Popular Culture – South Asia as Perceived in the West Cross-Border Media:

New Business Opportunities
This is an innovation for SASA 2018. We invite those interested to submit an up-to-1-page Proposal to share what you’re currently researching in the field of South Asian Studies, and why you’d wish to share this information with our full SASA 2018 audience. Perhaps you seek critical feedback, or prospective collaborators, or simply wish knowledgeable recommendations. The SASA 2018 Lightning Round will afford these opportunities. Our Academic Program Committee will select the 6 most compelling Proposals. Each will be allocated 10 minutes to speak at SASA 2018, divided as 5 minutes to describe new research, followed by 5 minutes for feedback from audience members.

For questions please email SASA 2018 Academic Program Executive Chairperson, Vandana Asthana, at
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Dr. Vandana Asthana, SASA 2018 Conference Chair

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