A.I.R. Studio Paducah (KY) invites artists to apply for residency

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Call for Papers
Kentucky, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Architecture and Architectural History, Music and Music History, Literature, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

A.I.R. Studio Paducah (in Paducah, Kentucky) invites artists to apply for residency in their live/work studio space. Visual artists, writers, composers/musicians, architects, and improvisational choreographers are invited to apply.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old. Candidates are reviewed and recommended by arts professionals in the applicant's discipline. The committee looks for candidates whose work is likely to benefit from having time to focus. There are no educational requirements. Residents are encouraged to have a clear objective for the time of their residency. Emerging and established artists are encouraged to apply. The duration of residencies is two weeks to three months on average.

A.I.R. features a storefront multi-purpose display space for exhibitions or presentations during the residency. Interested artists may email airstudiopaducah@gmail.com or call 202 374-5650. For more information, visit the website at https://airstudiopaducah.com

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Kay Lindsey
Communications Coordinator