Mechademia Conference: Los Angeles, June 27-29, 2022

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June 10, 2022
California, United States
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Asian History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies

Mechademia Conference: Los Angeles, June 27-29, 2022

Movement and Transition


Transition, the  structural experience of change in linear time, marks a journey from one position to another, via movement – voluntary or forced – of people and communities as they adjust to massive events such as wartime, disease, climatic changes, and economic and political terrorism; but they also occur even in the quotidian but intense interpersonal changes in the lives of families and friends. With the movement of peoples also comes the movement of media, as cultural production, distribution, and consumption take on new forms in new locales. Manga, anime, and games utilize these powerful narrative structures to create linear stretches of drama, comedy,  romance, action, and intrigue, within which meaning and passion abound, performatively divvied out in serial formations. 


Yet, we can also use the same narrative issues in the analyses of the visual and structural compositions of manga and anime – the way artists, writers, and animators, working through the storylines and visual evolution of change. These narratives are often based on real life and historical experiences, for which the contemporary moment with its many crises requiring massive changes in global cultures. This intense moment in our lives will provide the backdrop for the theme of the Mechademia Conference, Los Angeles 2022.


This iteration of the new location for the US Mechademia Conference is associated with Anime Expo, the largest anime convention in the United States. We encourage papers that explore themes dealing with transitional narratives presented through anime, manga, games, fan cultures, and the diversity of experiences of migration. Topics may include but are not limited to the following areas as it is associated, imagined, drawn, or narrated in Asian popular cultures:


  • transnational connections, migration and movement of people and media
  • anime or manga narratives dealing with social upheaval and wartime experiences
  • immigrant communities, separation from family and the concept of ‘home’
  • agency and negotiating traumatic experience
  • natural disasters such as earthquake or tsunami
  • intergenerational trauma, ancestry and familial relations
  • intermedial connections across borders
  • operations of characterizing the self and/or fandoms across different cultures
  • hybridity and cultural production with and through various media
  • adaptation broadly: from one media to another, from one place to another
  • (re-)interpretation of gender performance across times and places
  • differing approaches to racial representation in various media and contexts
  • precarity as it is expressed in various popular cultural media


We hope to cover a wide range of narratives that are fitting for the new venue for the US Mechademia Conference of 2022. We welcome both in-person presentations at the conference as well as remote presentations via Zoom for those unable to make it to Los Angeles. Details on Program site, hotel accommodations, and keynote speakers will be forthcoming.


Teachers: We also have an “Emerging Scholars Panel” for your advanced undergraduate students to participate in during this event. They can also register at the same site.

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