International Conference “Dharma Today. Faces of Contemporary Buddhism” (March 5-6 and 11-13, 2022)

Chiara Mascarello Announcement
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Asian History / Studies, Contemporary History, Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology

A Conference organized by the Italian Buddhist Union. With the endorsement of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the FISPPA Department of the University of Padua.

March 5-6, 2022: LIVE STREAMING ONLY on the Italian Buddhist Union social media channels
March 11-13, 2022: IN-PERSON at Venice, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, and LIVE STREAMING on the Italian Buddhist Union social media channels

For the program of the Conference and the live streaming links, see:

How can Buddhism help us to face global challenges? How can we approach the precious legacy of traditional contemplative practices, making proper use of the tools available today? With Dharma Today, the new domain of Contemplative Studies will take its first steps in the contemporary debate in Italy. The Italian Buddhist Union meets the world of academic research, by promoting a dialogue between international scholars on the most relevant issues concerning contemporary Buddhism.

The Conference is aimed primarily at academics, students and researchers, although it will be open to the general public. No registration required. Simultaneous translation from/to English and Italian.


March 5th: Buddhism and Sociological, Ethical and Political issues - Paul Fuller, Bee Scherer, Federico Squarcini, Anne C. Klein.

March 6th: Buddhism, Epistemology and Science - Harold D. Roth, John D. Dunne, B. Alan Wallace, Jay L. Garfield.

March 11th: Contributions of Buddhism to Contemporary Thought - Marcello Ghilardi, Bruno Lo Turco, Matteo Cestari, Emanuela Magno.

March 12th (morning): Contemporary Developments in Buddhist Tradition - Donatella Rossi, Giacomella Orofino, Ester Bianchi, Aldo Tollini.

March 12th (afternoon): Engaged Buddhism: Ecological, Ethical, and Technological Challenges - Michael Zimmermann, Giangiorgio Pasqualotto, Massimo Raveri, Peter D. Hershock.

March 13th: Western Forms of Buddhism and Contemporary Views on Meditation - Martin Baumann, Alberto Voci, Giuseppe Pagnoni, Flavio A. Geisshuesler.

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