CFP EASA 2022 Panel P052 Mediating Mourning: grief and justice beyond redemption

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Call for Papers
July 26, 2022
United Kingdom
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Anthropology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Contemporary History, Digital Humanities

EASA2022, Transformation, Hope and the Commons, a biennial conference hosted by the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics (HAPP) at Queen’s University Belfast on July 26 - July 29 2022.

Call For Papers for Panel P052:

Mediating Mourning: grief and justice beyond redemption

Convened by,

Vindhya Buthpitiya, University of St Andrews

Timothy P.A. Cooper, University of Cambridge

If, following Achille Mbembe, political order is a form of organizing death, what does mourning bring about in the social world? Anthropologists have long engaged with the funerary and the commemorative as rites of transformation that re-assert ​​social order and political legitimacy. In the aftermaths of political violence, atrocities, and human rights violations, the publicity of mourning also underpins demands for truth, justice, and accountability. The extent to which mourning or grieving might serve as a call for justice owes much to doctrines of redemptive suffering inherited from Roman Catholic theology. Should the pursuit of justice, as the ultimate end to mourning, simply mean asserting normativity in the righting of wrongs? Can redemption promise more than vindication or the clearing of a debt? 

In the context of politicised or ritualised grief, this panel seeks to think beyond the doctrine of redemptive suffering to ask how and to what ends mourning is mediated and made present to those outside of its communities of shared sentiment? We consider how mourning unfolds in a broad repertoire of sensations, interfaces, and affects that strives to mediate emotional and political solidarity through mediums for their circulation. Expressed through media aesthetics and sensational forms, mourning can challenge existing conditions of sociality and conflict rather than reproduce them. Bringing together the study of mourning with the study of mediation, we explore what role empathy, condolement, and arbitration play in the material, visual, digital, and sonic cultures of loss. .


Please do consider submitting an abstract or pass this call onto those you know who might be working in related areas. The inclusion of multimedia, film, audio, or other elements as part of the presentation would be most welcome. 

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