Image, History and Memory. Genealogies of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe

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December 6, 2017 to December 8, 2017
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Contemporary History, Eastern Europe History / Studies, Film and Film History, Fine Arts

Images as witnesses to history, materialized memories or their active co-creators? The multi-faceted relationship between the past and its visual representations will be the main focus of the 7th edition of the international Genealogies of Memory conference to be held in Warsaw on 6-8 December. The agenda features inter alia lectures by Ernst van Alphen, Robert Hariman, Constantin Parvulescu and Wojciech Suchocki, as well as Mieke Bal leading the tour of her own video-installations entitled “Dis-Remembered: A Long History of Madness” and “Mis-Remembered: Reasonable Doubt”.

The objective of the conference ”Image, History and Memory. Genealogies of Memory in Central and Eastern Europe” is to stimulate interdisciplinary reflection on signs and images in the context of building historical narratives. How do images and visualisations impact our understanding of history? How do they co-shape – or maybe generate – the content of collective memory? The examples to be discussed will include a wide range of topics : from the most obvious ones like documentary photographs, monuments or artistic reinterpretations of past events to the less obvious ones, such as selfies taken by tourists against the backdrop of memorial sites. The full programme of the conference is available at:

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