Historical International Relations @ the 10th Pan-European Conference on International Relations (7 -10 September 2016, İzmir, Turkey) | Section call for papers/panels/roundtables

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September 7, 2016 to September 10, 2016
Subject Fields: 
Ancient History, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Contemporary History, Diplomacy and International Relations, Early Modern History and Period Studies
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We are delighted to invite proposal for papers/panels and roundtables for the Historical International Relations section we organize as part of the 10th Pan-European Conference on International Relations (7 -10 September 2016, İzmir, Turkey; http://www.paneuropeanconference.org/2016/)

S20 | Historical International Relations

Historical international relations has gained traction over the past decades as witnessed by the creation of the Historical International Relations section of the ISA in 2013 (now more than 250 members). Since the EISA Warsaw conference, the HIST section has drawn a vast arrays of excellent papers and panels and lead to important discussions echoing a renewed interest in the field to have a space to produce historically minded work about the international. Strong of its experiences in fostering such engagements beyond sub-disciplinary boundaries, the HIST section aims at engaging with works ranging from more theoretical reflections about history and international relations to more pinpointed empirical discussions. The HIST section offers a platform for reflections about historical knowledge about the international, broadly understood. Looking at specific historical trajectories, transitions, or questioning the idea that there are clear cut ruptures, as is often premised in IR, is a central dimension of the section. In this light we are particularly keen on having historians and historically inclined scholars to submit proposals to this section. The HIST section invites, in a spirit of collegial openness and inclusion, both scholars interested in micro-histories of the international/global/connected, concentrating on a particular historical era, event or phenomena, as well as those concentrating on historiographic explorations of both the international, international relations or the discipline/field of International Relations. The HIST section offers an open intellectual space for scholars to engage historically with the world, following an intellectual curiosity at the heart of the original development of International Relations. 

We welcome individual paper proposals and most welcome panel/roundtable proposals as well — please contact us to enquire about this. Each 105-minute panel/roundtable should comprise five papers/presenters plus a discussant who may also act as panel/roundtable chair. 

Proposals (with abstracts of 200 words maximum) must be submitted, starting 10 November 2015, via EISA online submission system: https://www.conftool.pro/paneuropean2016/

Please note that there will be a participation limit of three contributions per participant — whether as paper giver, roundtable speaker, or discussant/chair (any of these roles counts as one contribution).

The closing date for paper, panel, and roundtable proposals is midnight (CET) on Friday 8 January 2016
For any question regarding this section please contact us (see below)

For any questions on the conference, please contact the programme chairs, Mathias Albert and Katja Freistein at eisa2016@gcr21.org.
Section Chairs:

Julia Costa Lopez,
University of Oxford

Xavier Guillaume,
University of Edinburgh
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Xavier Guillaume, University of Edinburgh