CFP: Thomas S. Mullaney East Asian Information Technology History Collection Short-term fellowship (East Asia Library, Stanford University) - Deadline 4/15/2022

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April 15, 2022
California, United States
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East Asian History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Korean History / Studies

The Thomas S. Mullaney East Asian Information Technology History Collection is thought to be the only one of its kind in the world.  Assembled during fifteen years of research and teaching, it is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, containing rare machines alongside archival and printed documents.  Consisting of more than 2,000 items, the collection dates from the turn of the 20th century to the present age of computing.  It has strong Chinese holdings and additional materials from other East Asian countries. The collection documents the modern history of Chinese and East Asian telegraph codes, typewriters, printing, mimeographs, word processors, computers and other information technologies. 

Much of the collection will not be open to the public for research for several years.  However, fellowship recipients will have special access to examine the entire collection.

This year, the Libraries will accept applications for two stipends, one to be awarded to an undergraduate and one to an early career scholar, of up to $2000 each in support of research using the collection. The fellowship stipends are to be used to defray the costs for travel, lodging, food, and other activities associated with the recipient's research trip. 

Scholars working on projects about East Asian modern history, including undergraduates, graduate students and early career faculty, may apply.  Selection criteria include the importance, feasibility and promise of the proposed research project as determined by the expertise of the Committee, the quality and detail of the application, and the academic strength of the applicant. Consideration will be given to the contribution the proposed research will make to our understanding of global history of science, technology, society as well as the applicant's qualifications.

The Committee will review all complete applications but will be under no obligation to approve any applicants if no applicant meets the selection criteria.  The Committee shall ensure that proposed budget expenses of awardees include only those expenses reasonably related to the proposed project and shall have the authority to contact the applicant to adjust budget items as appropriate.  The Libraries cannot help with visas for international applications.

Interested researchers are encouraged to submit a detailed project proposal, including a description (1000-2000 words) of proposed activities, a proposed budget for use of fellowship award funds, a brief description of other funding received or applied for in relation to the project, a professional curriculum vitae, and a transcript of courses taken and grades earned (students only).

Inquiries about the scope and contents of the collection should be directed to the curator, Regan Murphy Kao.  More information about the short-term fellowship can be found here

The application deadline is April 15, 2022. 

The application form is available at

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Regan Murphy Kao

Head of Special Collections, East Asia Library

Stanford University Libraries

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