Online and on site: Carola Lentz, Staging the Nation. Independence Day in West Africa

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February 10, 2022
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African History / Studies, Area Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Contemporary History

Lecture in the context of the series "Les jeudis de l'Institut historique allemand".

  • Carola Lentz (Mainz Univeristy), The Staging of the Nation. Independence Day in West Africa
  • Commentary: Odile Goerg (Paris University)

National holidays - in African countries usually the Independence Day, which commemorates the birth of the nation-state - periodically revive the sense of belonging to the nation. Flag roll calls and national anthems, parades and speeches, cultural performances and exhibitions stage the abstract category of nation and make it tangible. How is the relationship between national unity and subnational differences, especially ethnicity and regional affiliation, staged? The lecture discusses this question using the example of independence days in Ghana and Burkina Faso - two nation states characterized by different forms of ethnic heterogeneity, different colonial regimes, and different kinds of postcolonial political developments.

Lecture with simultaneous translation (German/French).

The lecture series "Les jeudis de l'Institut historique allemand" addresses current debates in historical science in a critical Franco-German dialogue and expands knowledge horizons beyond disciplinary, geographical, linguistic and methodological boundaries.

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