Dockyards as nodes of naval architecture, maritime traditions and cultural heritage

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2022
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Cultural History / Studies, Historic Preservation, Military History, Public History, Social History / Studies

Dockyards as nodes of naval architecture, maritime traditions and cultural heritage

National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth 9-11 June 2022

Conference sponsored by the Society for Nautical Research

Keynote speakers Sir Neil Cossons OBE FSA & Professor Andrew Lambert FKC

This 3-day international conference will examine one topic each day. Submissions are invited on new research or a new interpretation of the following themes:

  1. Thursday 9 June 2022 Building a warship

Ship design: master shipwrights, naval architects

Recovering skills: repairing historic sailing ships and building replica ships/boats

Trades and crafts

Sourcing timber and other matériel

Construction methods

Time-work-discipline, work organisation

Private yard/royal dockyard comparison

2. Friday 10 June 2022 Dockyards as heritage

Museum spaces or working dockyard spaces?

Fossilised or living archive of dockyard structures?

Conservation issues

Tourism: costs and benefits

Repurposed dockyards as exemplars of regeneration

  1. Sat 11 June 2022 Dockyards as global hubs and regional centres of maritime culture

Transnational phenomena

Drivers of innovation and technology

Loci of national power projection

Unique urban landscapes

Distinct demographic communities

This hybrid conference will be hosted by a professional virtual conferencing company which will run a rehearsal, so you will know what to expect.

If your proposal is accepted, the NDS will pay travel expenses (but not longhaul flights; if outside Europe your presentation will be livestreamed), your conference fee and lunch, publish it in our Transactions and give you a complimentary copy. Your talk will be 25 minutes. The published paper will be 6–10K words long, required three months after the Conference for editing.

Please send your title, the applicable theme, a 300-word synopsis, a 100-word biography and any queries by 15 February 2021 to Dr Ann Coats

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The conference is organised by the Naval Dockyards Society


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