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January 18, 2023 to December 18, 2024
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American History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Contemporary History, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Japanese History / Studies

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We are proud to present the next issue of Technology and Culture, the leading journal in the history of technology; it draws on scholarship in diverse disciplines to publish insightful pieces intended for general readers as well as specialists. 


January 2022, Volume 63, No. 1


Atomic Shocks of the Old: Putting Water at the Center of Nuclear Energy History | Per Högselius

Capitalism Matters: How Financial and Technological Innovations Shaped U.S. Telegraphs, 1845-1860 | Edmund Russell


Research Articles

Tampon Technology in Britain: Unilever’s Project Hyacinth and ‘the 7 Day War’ Campaign, 1968-1980 | Camille Rostvik

The Craft of Color and the Chemistry of Dyes: Textile Technology in the Ryukyu Kingdom, 1700-1900 | BuYun Chen

Red Brick Imperialism: How Vernacular Knowledge Shaped Japanese Colonial Expertise in Northeast China, 1905-45 | Yuting Dong

Aviation for the People: Class and State Aviation in Perón’s “New Argentina,” 1946-55 | Marc J. Alsina

Innovation and Maladjustment: Contraceptive Technologies in State-socialist Poland, 1950s-1970s | Agata Ignacuik

Collision Course: Rural Track Crossing Habits and the Railroad in the U. S., 1915-1932  | Edward Slavishak

Book Reviews

Review of L’analogie dans les techniques [Analogy in Techniques] edited by Sophie de Beaune, Liliane Hilaire-Perez, and Koen Vermeir | Ludovic Duhem

Review of Perspectives on Early Andean Civilization in Peru: Interaction, Authority, and Socioeconomic Organization during the First and Second Millennia B.C. edited by Richard L. Burger, Lucy C. Salazar, and Yuji Seki | Susan Elizabeth Ramírez

Review of Lost Knowledge: The Concept of Vanished Technologies and Other Human Histories by Benjamin B. Olshin | Guan Zeng-jian

Review of Renaissance Fun: The Machines Behind the Scenes by Philip Steadman | Joseph Wachelder

Review of Making Disability Modern: Design Histories edited by Bess Williamson and Elizabeth Guffey | Gozde Goncu-Berk

Review of The Untold Story of the Talking Book by Matthew Rubery | Jaipreet Virdi

Review of Know Your Remedies: Pharmacy and Culture in Early Modern China by He Bian | Carol A. Benedict

Review of Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future by Kate Brown | John P. DiMoia

Review of IVF and Assisted Reproduction: A Global History by Sarah Ferber, Nicola J. Marks, and Vera Mackie | Lara Freidenfelds

Review of "Ingegnosi artificij." Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia: Trecento anni di storia della scienza, della tecnica e dell'innovazione (1474-1788) [“Ingenious artifices.” The most serene Republic of Venice: Three hundred years of history of science, technology, and innovation (1474-1788)] by Roberto Berveglieri | Deborah Howard

Review of Inventing Ideas: Patents, Prizes, and the Knowledge Economy by B. Zorina Khan | Jochen Streb

Review of Beyond Bakelite: Leo Baekeland and the Business of Science and Invention by Joris Mercelis | Robert Friedel

Review of Swansea Copper: A Global History by Chris Evans and Louise Miskell | Gianenrico Bernasconi

Review of Zinc for Coin and Brass: Bureaucrats, Merchants, Artisans, and Mining Laborers in Qing China, ca. 1680-1830s by Hailian Chen | Ernst Homburg

Review of The Crafts and Capitalism: Handloom Weaving Industry in Colonial India by Tirthankar Roy | Annapurna Mamidipudi and Vivek S. Oak

Review of Weaving Histories: The Transformation of the Handloom Industry in South India, 1800-1960 by Karuna Dietrich Wielenga | Alka Raman

Review of Hazardous Chemicals: Agents of Risk and Change, 1800-2000 edited by Ernst Homburg and Elisabeth Vaupel | Adam M. Romero

Review of Angels of Efficiency: A Media History of Consulting by Florian Hoof | Nuria Puig

Review of From Russia with Code: Programming Migrations in Post-Soviet Times edited by Mario Biagioli and Vincent Antonin Lépinay | Barbara Walker

Review of Eigensinnige Musterschüler: Ländliche Entwicklung und internationales Expertenwissen in der Türkei (1947-1980) [Headstrong model students: Rural development and international expert knowledge in Turkey (1947-1980)] by Heinrich Hartmann | Juri Auderset

Review of Histories of Human Engineering: Tact and Technology by Maarten Derksen | Bregje van Eekelen

Review of Ingénieurs et Entreprises, XIXe-XXIe siècle [Engineers and companies, 19th-21th Centuries] edited by Florent le Bot and Alain P. Michel | Pierre Verschueren

Review of Unnatural Resources: Energy and Environmental Politics in Appalachia after the 1973 Oil Embargo by Michael Camp | Anthony N. Stranges

Review of Greening the Alliance: The Diplomacy of NATO’s Science and Environmental Initiatives by Simone Turchetti | Per Lundin

Review of Globalizing Automobilism: Exuberance and the Emergence of Layered Mobility, 1900-1980 by Gijs Mom | Lewis H. Siegelbaum

Review of Iran in Motion: Mobility, Space, and the Trans-Iranian Railway by Mikiya Koyagi | Samin Rashidbeigi

Review of Cycling and the British: A Modern History by Neil Carter | Peter Cox

Review of Mountain Rivers, Mountain Roads: Transport in Southwest China, 1700-1850 by Nanny Kim | C. Patterson Giersch

Review of Bildfabriken. Industrie und Fotografie im Zarenreich (1860-1917) [Image factories: Industry and photography in tsarist Russia (1860-1917)] by Lenka Fehrenbach | Helena Holzberger

Review of La plaque photographique – Un outil pour la fabrication et la diffusion des savoirs (XIXe-XXe siècle) [The photographic plate: A tool for the production and diffusion of knowledge (19th-20th centuries)] edited by Denise Borlée and Hervé Doucet | Amandine Gabriac

Review of Through Astronaut Eyes: Photographing Early Human Spaceflight by Jennifer K. Levasseur | Lois Rosson

Review of Communicating Europe: Technologies, Information, Events by Andreas Fickers and Pascal Griset | James Schwoch

Review of Sound Streams: A Cultural History of Radio-Internet Convergence by Andrew J. Bottomley | Michael J. Meindl

Review of Echo’s Chambers: Architecture and the Idea of Acoustic Space by Joseph L. Clarke | Clemens Finkelstein

Review of Modernism’s Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in America by Michael Osman | Anna-Maria Meister

Review of Global Islam: A Very Short Introduction by Nile Green | Monica M. Ringer

Review of When the Medium was the Mission: The Atlantic Telegraph and the Religious Origins of Network Culture by Jenna Supp-Montgomerie | Timothy H.B. Stoneman

Review of Far Beyond the Moon: A History of Life Support Systems in the Space Age by David P.D. Munns and Kärin Nickelsen | Jordan Bimm

Review of Shaping Science: Organizations, Decisions, and Culture on NASA’s Teams by Janet Vertesi | Ramesh Subramanian

Review of The Things of Life: Materiality in Late Soviet Russia by Alexey Golubev | Milena Veenis


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