The Military Revolution in Portugal and its Empire (15th-18th Centuries)

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Call for Papers
May 29, 2018 to May 30, 2018
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Military History, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies, World History / Studies

The Military Revolution in Portugal and its Empire (15th-18th Centuries)
Host institution: CIDEHUS, University of Évora – Portugal
(UID/HIS/00057/2013 (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-007702))
Date: 29th-30th May 2018

In 2018, thirty years will have passed since the release of the first edition of Geoffrey Parker´s ground-breaking work The Military Revolution: Military Innovation and the Rise of the West, 1500-1800 (2nd edition in 1996). It is somehow surprising that, after three decades, most historiography on Portugal and its early modern overseas empire has by and large ignored the Military Revolution debate, especially if one regards the state of existent scholarship on other countries. Likewise, there were few attempts to include the Portuguese case in more general and comparative discussions on the Military Revolution. In order to overcome this situation, the objective of this congress is to debate the subject of Military Revolution applied to early modern Portugal and its empire. Thus, we welcome papers relating to the following topics:
– The Military Revolution: theoretical and methodological perspectives
– Changes in military architecture
– Increase of the size of armies: implications and consequences
– War and its relation with the rise of fiscal state
– Development of military tactics
– Cultural exchange and dissemination of military knowledge

Additionally, papers that aim for a comparative history between Portugal and other European or non-European powers will be highly encouraged, as it is also intended to debate the Portuguese case within a wider European and global frame. Papers not related to the central theme or the subtopics listed above will be not considered for the event. The official language will be English. All proposals (max. 300 words), together with a short CV (one page) and an additional sheet with author´s ID and affiliations, should be sent in Word format by 31th January 2018 to Proposals sent after this deadline will not be accepted. The same address can be used to inquire about any questions regarding the congress. More information about the event is available in

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Roger Lee de Jesus (Organizing Committee)