Call for Book Chapters: Gender Justice - Women’s Rights and Equity

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Call for Publications
Massachusetts, United States
Subject Fields: 
Women's & Gender History / Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Sciences

The book provides an in-depth analysis of global perspectives on advancing public and social gender policy worldwide; it also examines women’s political representation and participation in peace processes in the context of their community, emphasizing existing cultural norms with biases, questioning societal prejudices toward women, for example, in STEM and creative economies. The volume covers several domains presenting a wide range of important issues that demonstrate gender inequality, discussing a wide range of cultural and geographical realities. The collection also analyzes how female empowerment can benefit from changing the status quo and improving economic and collective action opportunities, as well as how governments could act and whether it should interfere with public policy to alter different norms and practices that hinder women’s participation and active involvement globally. Other meaningful topics that are covered in the book are the presentation of historic(al) case studies in the field of women in art, and as political leaders—while examining global gender dynamics and power hierarchies operating locally and internationally, posing challenges as well as opportunities, perpetuating gender gaps and economic stagnation. Furthermore, the book concentrates on global policy development and advancing global social justice. The contributors focus on developed country parties, upper-middle-income country parties, also analyzing less developed economies. Is economic development enough to eradicate gender inequality? By February 4, please send your CV and abstract to co-editors: Dr. Elena Shabliy and/or Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Women & Business
  • Women & Creative Economies
  • Women & Peace Processes
  • Women in Sport
  • Women in STEM
  • Gender (In)Equality
  • Equality & Equity
  • Policy
  • Social Justice
  • Gender Justice


Contact Info: 

Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin, Researcher at Harvard University,

Dr. Elena Shabliy, Visiting Researcher at Boston University,