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Greetings from the H-Net home office.

I first began working for H-Net as a content developer to help with the migration to the Commons in 2013. I remember taking a look at the teaching center at H-Urban's old site and getting excited. This was an impressive collection of teaching resources organized in a clear and easily navigable manner. But someone who knew how to use HTML to code webpages built it. It would take a bit of time and effort to replicate it in the Commons, and that's precisely what excited me. In the H-Net Commons, we now had a content management system that made it possible for a small staff of undergraduate students to recreate H-Urban's impressive digital collection teaching resources on the web.

Since then, other networks have leveraged the new platform's development capabilities to create a growing collection of teaching resources at their own networks, often contributed by subscribers. Some examples include:

H-Diplo's Syllabus Archive

H-Sport's Teaching Initiative

H-German Teaching Resources

H-Nationalism Teaching Reflections and Resources

H-HRE Teaching Resources

H-HistBibl - (Bibliography, Research, and Teaching)

At the home office, we continually look for ways to help editors add valuable content for their network's subscribers. Recently we have given editors the ability to create image galleries and explore podcasting. We've also cleaned up the layout interface, to make the process of managing network content more intuitive for editors. In the near future we will also be releasing new features such as new calendar and timeline modules.

All of this is made possible by your support and the tremendous efforts of hundreds of volunteer editors and contributors across the Commons. Please help us keep the momentum going with a tax-deductible gift to H-Net. Click here to make a tax-exempt gift online through a VeriSign-secure site, by mail, or by telephone during our business hours, 10-5 weekdays, Eastern Time.

Thanks for your continued support and all the best,

Jesse Draper, Ph.D

Associate Director, Networks

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online

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Jesse Draper, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Networks

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online

(517) 884-5967