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Summer Program
January 29, 2022
Indiana, United States
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Languages, African History / Studies, Arabic History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies

Indiana University is accepting applications for fellowships and scholarships for its summer 2022 in-person, online, and overseas language programs in Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and 26 other languages.

Funding opportunities include:
- FLAS funding for most of the program’s languages
- Title VIII funding for Russian and for Eastern European languages
- AABS funding for Baltic languages
- Women Engaging Globally funding for female participants
- and other funding sources.

All participants pay in-state tuition and earn 6-10 credits.
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Funding application deadline is January 29, 2022.
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Questions? Write to us at .



The Indiana University Language Workshop offers intensive in-person, online, and overseas programs that help you make rapid and lasting progress through work with instructors from some of the best and most innovative language training programs in the world.

You will also go beyond the classroom to engage with language and culture through a range of activities, including conversation tables, networking events, and alumni presentations.

Through formal classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, extensive use of authentic materials, and real-time interactions with instructors and presenters, the program develops the linguistic competence and the cultural literacy of participants rapidly and effectively. Classes are conducted primarily in the language studied and emphasize the development of interpersonal communication skills.

You can expect to:

-Earn one year of coursework in 2 months

-Benefit from in-state tuition

-Have options for funding (all languages)

The Workshop offers 3 types of learning experiences: Overseas, IU campus-based immersion, and online/hybrid.

The Workshop provides an online+overseas hybrid program that combine 4 weeks of intensive online study and 4 weeks of immersion study abroad. In 2022 this program is available for Hungarian, with overseas study in Budapest.

Immersion students of Arabic, Chinese, or Russian travel to Indiana to devote themselves fully to developing language and culture skills. They commit to speaking only the language of study for 8 weeks and they live, work, and eat with fellow students and faculty of their language.

Online and Hybrid options are available for 26 languages from Akan to Zapotec. Like other Workshop courses, these classes are accelerated and intensive and are focused on providing communicative competency in the new language.

Each course is different, so be sure to check individual web pages to learn more.

See for course-by-course details and application forms.

All participants pay in-state tuition and earn 6-10 credits.

Scholarships and fellowships are available.

Funding and priority admission application deadline is January 29, 2022.

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Language Workshop 812 855 2889