Re:making landscape (explorations and conceptualizations)

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January 7, 2022
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Anthropology, Cultural History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Geography

Re:making landscape (explorations and conceptualizations)

Panel (workshop) at RE:22 Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference

13 – 16 June 2022, Reykjavik, Iceland


This workshop explores the many ways in which we as ethnologists, anthropologists and scholars from related disciplines study landscapes in the making, how we become part of their transformations and how we acknowledge, conceptualize and make methodological use of their more-than-human properties.


Landscape is a concept that proves salient for multiple disciplines in the humanities and social sciences including anthropology, ethnology and folklore studies. The plasticity of landscape as a concept allows for empirically rich, theoretically innovative and methodologically creative studies while keeping us as researchers in a close relation to the material world and the more-than-human aspects of people’s engagement with it and the scientific exploration thereof. This corresponds well with the need to re-think our disciplines´ position within contemporary post-anthropocentric times.

Landscape is always multi-layered with an important material dimension and thus forces researchers to consider diverse features from rocks and water to various living entities as well as traces of the past and cultural artefacts and the ways these feature in continuous re-creating and re-framing of landscape(s). This makes landscape an excellent concept for pondering and putting to practice the calls for post/non/more-than-human aspects of our lived reality; it also complicates our research practice and poses a methodological as well as conceptual challenge.

The proposed workshop explores such issues in the form of facilitated discussion (in English). After a short introductory presentation by the convenors, each presenter will be asked to introduce their research and how it relates to the theme of the workshop as a starting point for ensuing discussion among workshop participants. We welcome contributions related to empirical, methodological and theoretical topics, both traditional and non-conventional, exploring landscapes re-framed, re-created, re-modelled, re-imagined and/or concentrating on re-conceptualising landscape and re-thinking research practices and methodologies based on such explorations.


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