3 Research Fellowships at KU Center for Advanced Studies "Dialogical Cultures - Critical Reflection Spaces for Cultural Studies and Social Sciences," University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

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Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Literature, Social Sciences, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies

KU Center for Advanced Studies “Dialogical Cultures – Critical Reflection Spaces for Cultural Studies and Social Sciences”



  •  Dialogical Cultures Senior Fellowship
  • 1 Dialogical Cultures Junior Fellowship
  • 1 Henriette Herz Fellowship

 -- starting in May 2022 --

Who we are

The KU Center for Advanced Studies “Dialogical Cultures – Critical Reflection Spaces for Cultural Studies and Social Sciences” (KU CAS) has recently been established as a research platform at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt to promote interdisciplinary research in the fields of cultural studies, social sciences, and the humanities. The Center is committed to advancing doctoral and postdoctoral studies as well as research projects conducted by experienced and well-established scholars. It aims at facilitating and enhancing dialogical scholarly exchange and critical debate beyond and across disciplinary boundaries and academic career stages.

KU CAS projects reflect its overall focus on dialogue and “dialogicity”, understood as a socio-cultural pheno­menon, dynamic practice, and transformative process of cultural exchange under varying conflictual communi­cative preconditions and scenarios. Current main research areas include cultures of antiquity, (de)coloni­zation, borders/ spaces, arts and literatures within broader societal fields, as well as interrelations of genres and media. Beyond these, the Center is open to all research topics of interest and theoretical approaches under its overarching framework of “dialogical cultures.”

The Center not only offers a forum to enhance and connect excellent research across the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, but also serves as a space for critical debate, exploration, and contestation of current issues and contexts in cultural and social studies. Thus, the KU CAS “Dialogical Cultures” fosters dialogue and contributes to transfer of knowledge within academia and towards the public at large.

Who we are looking for

The Dialogical Cultures Senior Fellowship addresses experienced scholars holding either a professorship or an equivalent postdoctoral research position at a university or a research institution. The Dialogical Cultures Junior Fellowship / Henriette Herz Fellowship addresses early-stage researchers at the postdoctoral career level. While the Senior and Junior Fellowships are eligible for scholars regardless of their nationality, the Henriette Herz Fellow­ship is open for applications by international incoming scholars only. For all Fellowships, qualified scholars from any field of social sciences, cultural studies, and the humanities are invited to apply without regard to gender, age, disciplinary background or institutional resp. departmental affiliation. The Fellowships are partly financed by the Henriette Herz Scouting Programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and partly by funds provided by the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.

For all Fellowships, we are looking for candidates who…

  • are pursuing a thematically and/or methodologically innovative research project that reflects the overall inter­disciplinary KU CAS research agenda and perspective of “dialogical cultures”;
  • have an outstanding academic track record, e.g. in terms of publications, third-party funding, participation at conferences, academic awards/prices etc. at an international level and suitable to academic career stage;
  • are presenting a convincing plan for completing a substantial research publication (monograph or journal article) or a third-party funding application during their stay;
  • are interested in interdisciplinary scholarly exchange and committed to presenting and discussing their work at joint KU CAS events and activities (brownbag meetings, colloquia, etc.);
  • are committed to extending their academic networks and learning more about opportunities of research stays and academic careers in Germany (esp. for postdocs and international candidates).

What we offer

  • A research residency at a small, familial “college-like” German university, located in the picturesque historical town of Eichstätt in the heart of Bavaria, at half a distance between the metropolitan areas of Nuremburg and Munich;
  • An inspring environment in which to dedicate your time to your research project, either in its early stages (third-party funding application) or final phase (completing a publication);
  • Full affiliation to the KU CAS for the duration of the stay with its support infrastructure, access to the university’s research facilities and services, as well as office space and equipment;
  • A co-hosting arrangement with a senior and junior scholar at the KU CAS to fully integrate you in the hosting department and the vibrant KU campus life;
  • A monthly scholarship of 5,000 EUR for senior and 3,500 EUR for junior/Henriette Herz fellows to be granted for Fellowships of one to four months duration as a lump sum covering all costs for travel, accommodation, and subsistence etc. (retirement supplements or healthcare insurance allowances are not included);
  • High visibility for your research by giving a public lecture, promoted to the KU CAS network and made available as a video recording on our website, additionally the professional production of a podcast with a conversation about your work at the KU CAS;
  • Additional support provided by the KU International Office to assure housing and assistance in administrative matters (incl. e.g. further supplements for costs of overseas travelling);
  • German academic career support services especially for international postdoctoral applicants in the form of workshops and mentoring tailored towards your needs and interests.

How to apply

For the application, please submit one single PDF-file (max. 20 MB) to forschungskolleg-dialogkulturen@ku.de, including

  • Statement of purpose letter (1-2 pp.), including the planned dates and duration of your stay (1-4 months) and indicating how the project bears upon the KU CAS research agenda;
  • Description of your research project (max. 5,000 words);
  • Your Curriculum Vitae including a comprehensive list of publications;
  • For Junior/Henriette Herz candidates only: letter of recommendation by a senior scholar/mentor from your discipline (1-2 pp.).

The deadline for submitting your application is 31 January 2022. The Fellowships are awarded by decision of the KU CAS general assembly and on recommendation of its Academic Advisory Board. Applicants will be notified of the decision by 28 February 2022.

For further information on the KU CAS, please refer to: www.ku.de/en/research/research-infrastructure/research-institutions/ku-center-for-advanced-studies-dialogical-cultures.
In case of further questions, please contact: forschungskolleg-dialogkulturen@ku.de.

The KU CAS reserves the right to reject applications that are incomplete or out of scope, do not follow our guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practice or do not meet our quality expectations.


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Academic Coordinator KU Center for Advanced Studies "Dialogical Cultures"
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