CFP UPDATE: American Civil War and Reconstruction Area at the Popular Culture/American Culture Associations National Virtual Conference APRIL 13-16, 2022

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Call for Papers
April 13, 2022 to April 16, 2022
United States
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Cultural History / Studies, Literature, Military History, Political History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies

UPDATE--New Submission Deadline is DECEMBER 23. 

The Civil War and Reconstruction Area of the Popular Culture /American Culture Association is calling for papers on the American Civil War and Reconstruction for its national meeting, April 13-16, 2022 (Wednesday through Saturday).  This Conference will be virtual, with papers presented live by online.  Papers are welcome from a range of disciplines, and may explore any topic or "reading" of the War.  Past presentations have included such diverse subject areas as journals and letters, literature, photography, art, newspapers and journalistic history, counterfactual history, battle reenactments, music, Civil War politics, battle narratives, soldiers’ memoirs, guerilla warfare, film, historiographical issues, women's narratives, women in combat, war games, secession politics, African-Americans at war, Veterans’ organizations, modern pop culture, battlefield preservation, and material culture.  Suggested special topics for this year could include Quakers and other pacifists in wartime, Confederate Battle Flag controversies, Northern intellectuals at war, military politics, the Politics of Commemoration, the Rhetoric of Secession, and Abolitionists and war.

Acceptance of your paper obligates you to appear and make an oral presentation.  Sessions run for ninety minutes, and each presenter receives fifteen minutes to present, depending on the number of papers in each panel.  Please plan to stay within this time limit.  Graduate students are especially welcome to submit proposals—as are undergraduates, if they have a sponsor.  Whole panel proposals are also welcome.



--Please submit your proposal online at .

--Join the PCA/ACA, if you are not currently a member. A page will pop up before you may submit.  Individuals must be current, paid members to submit to the conference.

--Please, as a courtesy, also send me a copy of your proposal via e-mail.  Be sure to include in your proposal your mailing address, school affiliation, faculty rank, e-mail, and telephone number.  Note if you are a grad student or an independent scholar.    


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