Online Short Term Course on "International Migration from India and Indian Diaspora"

February 7, 2022 to February 10, 2022
Subject Fields: 
Public Policy, Sociology, South Asian History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Race / Ethnic Studies

International Migration from India and Indian Diaspora

Dates: 07-10 February 2022

Duration: 15 hours (one credit)

India has a long history – from pre-colonial to current times – of international migration, which has also created one of the largest diasporas in the world. The international migration from India is highly varied – temporally, spatially, and in terms of migrants’ composition and migration outcomes. In a complex world from the point of view of border controls, differential treatment to students, entrepreneurs, professionals, skilled and unskilled labour, the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments, and competition among emigrant sending countries that crucially depend on remittances, international migration has generated special interests amongst economists, sociologists, political scientists, geographers, historians, and scholars from other disciplines.

In recent times, India has tried to give special treatment to the people of Indian origin who are eligible to obtain an ‘Overseas Citizens of India’ card. A large number of Indians settled abroad have also increasingly shown their desire to reconnect with their ‘homeland’. The rising anti-immigrant violence in different countries, discriminatory policies of ‘nationalist’ governments, and growing trend among people of Indian origin to assert their cultural identity (linked with the homeland) have also galvanized the Indian diaspora. This interdisciplinary course will help participants understand key issues in the larger context of the global discourse on international migration and diaspora.


1.     Global Compact for Migration (GCM) as a framework for regulating international migration.

2.     Indian labour migrants’ Gulf dream, the complex of emigration/immigration procedures and 

        migration outcomes

3.     International migration of professionals and students – drain, gain, and beyond

4.     Indian migrants abroad and entrepreneurship development

5.     Return of Indian migrants, refugeehood, and the question of citizenship

6.     An overview of Indian diaspora formation, particularly from colonial to current times

7.     Indian diaspora’s homeland engagement

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