Medical (Post)Humanities?: Reassessing and Reimagining the Human

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2022
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
Animal Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Health and Health Care, Literature, Philosophy

Proposals are sought for 20-minute presentations from across disciplinary fields which explore the implications of a medical (post)humanities. Following Des Fitzgerald and Felicity Callard’s proposal that ‘we need to displace, if not significantly reimagine, how medical humanities has tended to figure the ‘human’’, this conference is a critical response to the ways in which the medical humanities has centred human health. We therefore hope to think carefully about what it would mean for the medical (post)humanities to decentre or reimagine ‘the human’ and how health and illness could be situated within a broader network of nonhuman relations and entanglements.

Proposals might consider:

  • The environment and environmental health
  •  Nonhuman animals
  • Technology
  • Humanism and posthumanism
  • Transcorporeality and new materialism
  •  Viruses and pandemics
  • Disability studies
  • Care and technology

Proposals are not restricted to these topics and we welcome proposals from across a range of disciplinary fields. Please submit 200-word abstracts by 31st January using the following link

Selected presentations will consist of a 20-mintue talk and a 10–15-minute Q and A. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Shauna Walker at The University of Leeds The conference will be held in Sheffield in April 2022 and is organised by members of the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities. 

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Shauna Walker

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