Call for Panelists - NAISA 2016, "Reckoning with the Legacies of American Settler Colonialism”

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Call for Papers
May 6, 2016
Hawaii, United States
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Indigenous Studies, Native American History / Studies, American History / Studies



I am seeking panelists for a proposal on "Settler Colonialism and Truth and Reconciliation” for the 2016 Native American and Indigenous Studies Conference in Hawaii.  If interested, please send an abstract and short CV to  by October 28, 2015.


My research examines the impact of the Indian Claims Commission (August 1946- September 1978) on the Plains Indians and places it within the dialectic between settler colonialism and truth and reconciliation in the United States. I ask whether the ICC effectively redressed past injustices of the United States against eastern tribes of Nebraska or whether it merely terminated native title to the land and ended white-Indian legal confrontation. Just what motivated the ICC endeavor to resolve tribal claims of title forms an integral part of this research. I also place the ICC awards within the recent historiography of truth and reconciliation commissions in settler colonial societies, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and to ask what extent these awards have settled old grievances of American settler colonialism.

This panel is seeking papers that would suit this proposal.  If you are interested in proposing a paper as part of this panel, please send an abstract and CV to Beligh Ben Taleb at by October 28, 2015.

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