Call for Authors: Research Starter Articles (Phase 8)

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Call for Publications
October 22, 2015 to December 6, 2015
United States
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American History / Studies, Business History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Health and Health Care, Religious Studies and Theology

Call for Authors: Research Starter Articles (Phase 8)

We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the Research Starters, an expanding online database of short articles (1,000 words) on a broad range of general-interest topics for students. These articles will be published in 2016 by EBSCO ( We are assigning articles in the following subject areas that may suit your expertise:

Business and Economics (American and World)
Culture and History (American and World)
Healthcare and Science
Religion (American and World)

We are now at Phase 8 (8th assignment project) of Research Starters—topics designed to assist students during the key exploratory phase at the beginning of a research project. Written as an overview, articles should provide general but key information relative to an issue or topic, presented in a fact-based and objective discussion. The articles will act as informative summaries that provide students with background and perspective on the topic/issue at hand so that students have a better understanding of the topic, are prepared to conduct a more specific search, and are prepared to make an educated thesis statement.

Research Starters Phase 8 are all 1,000 words each. Geared toward an academic audience (secondary school students, undergraduates, librarians, and teachers), these articles should be written using a neutral voice, similar to that found in encyclopedia articles, following the format explained in the attached guidelines. Contributors are being compensated at $75 per 1,000-word article. Each article will be signed by the contributor and advanced degrees are being listed along with the bylines. 

We are currently making assignments with a deadline of December 6, 2015. If you cannot meet the deadline, please do not take on the assignment.
The available Article List, Style Guidelines, and a Sample Article will be sent to you as part of the assignment—please read and follow the guidelines to avoid extra revision steps.

If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding research product, the EBSCO Research Starters, please contact me by the e-mail information below. Please provide your CV or a summary of your academic/publishing credentials in article-related disciplines. 

Thanks very much.
Geoff Golson


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