Parameters Winter 2021–22 Issue

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American History / Studies, Contemporary History, Diplomacy and International Relations, Government and Public Service, Military History

The US Army War College Quarterly, Parameters
Vol. 51, No. 4 • Winter 2021–22

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Table of Contents

From the Editor in Chief

In Focus

"What Went Wrong in Afghanistan?"
Todd Greentree

Deterring Aggression in Asia

"Broken Nest: Deterring China from Invading Taiwan"
Jared M. McKinney and Peter Harris

"Sino-Indian Border Disputes in an Era of Strategic Expansions"
Roman Muzalevsky

Rethinking US Strategic Concepts

"Defeat Mechanisms in Modern Warfare"
Frank Hoffman

"The Air Littoral: Another Look"
Maximilian K. Bremer and Kelly A. Grieco

In Tribute

"The Grand Strategic Thought of Colin S. Gray"
Lukas Milevski

Review Essay

"Sherman and His Historians: An End to the Outsized Destroyer Myth?"
Mitchell G. Klingenberg

Review and Reply

On “The US Army and the Pacific: Challenges and Legacies”
Brian McAllister Linn

Book Reviews

Armed Forces and Society

Women as War Criminals: Gender, Agency, and Justice
By Izabela Steflja and Jessica Trisko Darden
Reviewed by Heather S. Gregg


Agent Sonya: Moscow’s Most Daring Wartime Spy
By Ben Macintyre
Reviewed by W. Andrew Terrill

Irregular Warfare

Special Operations: Out of the Shadows
Edited by Christopher Marsh, James D. Kiras, and Patricia J. Blocksome
Reviewed by Zachary Griffiths

Nonstate Warfare: The Military Methods of Guerillas, Warlords, and Militias
By Stephen Biddle
Reviewed by Ben Wermeling

Military History

Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World
By H. R. McMaster
Reviewed by John C. Binkley

Atomic Salvation: How the A-Bomb Attacks Saved the Lives of 32 Million People
By Tom Lewis
Reviewed by Michael E. Lynch

The American War in Afghanistan: A History
By Carter Malkasian
Reviewed by John Nagl

Strangling the Axis: The Fight for Control of the Mediterranean during the Second World War
By Richard Hammond
Reviewed by James D. Scudieri

Loss and Redemption at St. Vith: The 7th Armored Division in the Battle of the Bulge
By Gregory Fontenot
Reviewed by Gregory J. W. Urwin

Between Five Eyes: 50 Years of Intelligence Sharing
By Anthony R. Wells
Reviewed by Andrew Ziebell


How ISIS Fights: Military Tactics in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt
By Omar Ashour
Reviewed by Robert J. Bunker

Mars Adapting: Military Change during War
By Frank G. Hoffman
Reviewed by J. P. Clark

Military Coercion and US Foreign Policy: The Use of Force Short of War
Edited by Melanie W. Sisson, James A. Siebens, and Barry M. Blechman
Reviewed by Steven Metz

Technology and War

War at the Speed of Light: Directed-Energy Weapons and the Future of Twenty-First-Century Warfare
By Louis A. Del Monte
Reviewed by Jeffrey Caton

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