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May 1, 2016
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Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Popular Culture Studies, Research and Methodology, American History / Studies

The Popular Culture Studies Journal will publish a special issue exploring Popular Culture Theory. Editor Bob Batchelor and Associate Editors Norma Jones and Kathleen M. Turner seek submissions that engage with popular culture theory in its current state, from a historical vantage point, and future development.

The Popular Culture Theory special issue will magnify the journal’s consistent engagement with the theory, building and expanding on the pioneering work of Jimmie Manning and Tony Adams in Volume 3, Issues 1 and 2: “Connecting the Personal and the Popular: Autoethnography and Popular Culture” (http://mpcaaca.org/the-popular-culture-studies-journal/volume-3/). Contributors should also consider Batchelor’s Editorial Essay “What is Popular Culture” in Volume 1, Issues 1 and 2: (http://mpcaaca.org/the-popular-culture-studies-journal/volume-1/).

The editors would like authors to expand our current understanding of Popular Culture Theory, focusing not only on its historical development, but how it relates and is distinguished from other fields of study, its interdisciplinary nature, challenges and opportunities, and other areas that have gone relatively unstudied.

Submissions should be up to 25 pages (excluding Works Cited) and follow MLA Style. Send inquiries and/or submissions to Bob Batchelor at: pcsj@mpcaaca.org. The deadline is 1 May 2016 for publication in the annual PCSJ issue in October 2016.

lease visit our website at http://mpcaaca.org/the-popular-culture-studies-journal/ for more information and to read past issues of PCSJ.

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