Announcing the Release of Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

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ew Digital Resource! Announcing the Release of Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History

Bodies and Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History offers 17 spatial histories of modern East Asia and the worlds of which it is a part. Each module is based around translated textual and visual primary sources, which are also searchable via the site's "Sourcebook" tag. Built on the open-source Scalar platform, Bodies and Structures 2.0 represents a new model of collaborative, connected, and media-rich scholarship. Bodies and Structures 2.0 is open-access and peer-reviewed, with new tools for user-directed visualizations. Use it for teaching and research!

Check out Bodies and Structures 2.0! (For a quick taste, watch our trailer and see the list of modules and essays below.)
Bodies and Structures 2.0 is co-directed by Kate McDonald (History, UC Santa Barbara) and David Ambaras (History, NC State University). It was developed with generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities, and in collaboration with the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture. Follow Bodies and Structures on Twitter at @bodiesandstruct or contact us via email at bodiesandstructures [at]
Bodies and Structures 2.0 Modules and Essays
• Guided Tour
• Why Think Spatially? by Kate McDonald and David R. Ambaras
• "Border Controls, Migrant Networks, and People Out of Place between Japan and China" by David R. Ambaras
• "Mapping Invasion: Vietnamese Responses to Biological Warfare during the First Indochina War" by Michitake Aso
• "Mitsukoshi: Consuming Places" by Noriko Aso
• "One Family's Photographs (1941-66)" by Emily Chapman
• "Imperial Japan up in the Air" by Sakura Christmas
• "Sacred Geographies of Urban Colonial Taiwan: Jilong's Geography in Transformation" by Evan N. Dawley
• "Bodies, Society, and Smallpox Vaccinations in Echizen Province" by Maren Ehlers
• "Place Annihilation" by David Fedman
• "Constructing a Water Town: The River, The Sea, and the Communities in Wenzhou" by Weiting Guo
• "Trains in Late Qing Print Culture" by Nathaniel Isaacson
• "Studying Art in Colonial Libraries" by Magdalena Kolodziej
• "Borders and the Liminality of the Japanese Empire" by Hiroko Matsuda
• "Cai Peihuo's Inner Territory" by Kate McDonald
• "The Coastal Opium Trade in 1830s Fujian" by Peter D. Thilly
• "The Okinawa Memories Initiative" by Dustin Wright
• "Xing An: A Contested Borderland" by Shellen X. Wu
• "The Drugstore as Contact Zone" by Timothy Yang
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David Ambaras and Kate McDonald, the Editors, Bodies and Structures