CfA: Associate Fellowships at Kyiv’s Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (IEAC)

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Call for Volunteers
October 17, 2015 to December 31, 2015
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Eastern Europe History / Studies, Government and Public Service, Political Science, Russian or Soviet History / Studies
Call for Applications to become an IEAC Associate Fellow
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The Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (IEAC) is a small, independent Ukrainian think-tank founded in 2001 by Ukraine’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Borys Tarasiuk, and located in the city center of Kyiv. The IEAC conducts research and advocacy projects promoting liberal democracy and the rule of law, supporting security sector reforms, and strengthening civil society. Our primary topics of interest include international relations, foreign policy, European security and national defense. IEAC activities include the development of policy recommendations, provision of independent policy assessments, reports and statements, public advocacy campaigns, holding international conferences, seminars and roundtables, organizing study trips and workshops, etc. Our researchers are participants of, among other initiatives, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, and members of consultative public councils, for instance, at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Supreme Council (national parliament), as well as the EU-Ukraine Cooperation Committee. We cooperate with various mass media and are frequently printed or quoted in national as well as foreign outlets. Our experts publish analytical reports, policy papers, political commentaries, op-eds, blogs etc. The IEAC has established and maintains relations with various Ukrainian and foreign institutions and programs, such as the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, International Renaissance Foundation, Robert Schuman Foundation, NATO Information and Documentation Center and NATO Liaison Office at Kyiv, etc. The IEAC frequently communicates with foreign embassies, international organizations, related think-tanks, etc.
In 2015, the IEAC is starting a new campaign to extend its reach and impact by way of publicly affiliating itself to a number of like-minded and otherwise suitable junior or senior specialists across the world. Selected experts will be offered the titles of either IEAC “Associate Research Fellows” (pozashtatni eksperty), if from Ukraine, or IEAC “Non-Resident Research Fellows” (pozashtatni zakordonni eksperty), if from abroad. We will not make formal appointments, but are seeking informal, yet official affiliations with like-minded researchers. Our new scholars will be able to
- present themselves as IEAC Non-Resident or Associate Research Fellows, on public fora, such as mass media, conferences, journals etc.,
- list their affiliation with, and link themselves to, the IEAC, in social networks, using our institutional websites, on FACEBOOK.COM, LINKEDIN.COM, XING.COM, VK.COM and ACADEMIA.EDU (search for the IEAC there),
- be included in the IEAC’s Google mailing list, and possible other future IEAC-related groups or associations,
- participate in research and publication projects that the IEAC may propose to them, they may propose to the IEAC, or that may be proposed to the IEAC, by a third party,
- be introduced on our hopefully soon to be refurbished institutional website, with a picture, short bio and link, as well as
- network among each other, present together joint research results, in oral or written form, as well as interact with the IEAC formally and informally when and as far as appropriate.
Applications are welcome from scholars of any rank (but usually with a Ph.D. or Cand.Sc. degree), country, ethnicity, age, background, and social science specialization. We can, however, only consider applications from scholars who fully fulfil the following six basic conditions. You should:
- be personally acquainted with one or more member/s of the IEAC’s core senior experts team, i.e. with:
o Borys Tarasiuk (IEAC Head, MP, Co-Chair of the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly)
o Oleksandr Sushko (IEAC Research Director, expert on EU, NATO and Ukrainian politics)
o Volodymyr Horbach (expert on Ukrainian domestic and foreign policies)
o Ihor Kozii (expert on Ukrainian military and internal affairs)
o Andreas Umland (expert on post-Soviet international and radical politics),
- identify yourself with the institute’s announced aim of furthering Euro-Atlantic cooperation,
- have some documented interest in, or/and relation to, Ukraine,
- be actively publishing or planning to actively publish in scholarly journals, collected volumes, or/and other specialized outlets, as well as, if possible, in mass media (newspapers, websites etc.),
- be able to work self-sufficiently, without requiring assistance from, but rather offering cooperation to, colleagues, within the IEAC network, and
- do or will not have full-time concurrent affiliation/s with an/other Ukrainian think-tank/s.
All applicants should also be able to claim, at least, four of the below listed eight desired qualifications. They should:
- have made contributions to peer-reviewed national and international specialized journals or book series published under the imprint of recognized academic presses;
- be regularly participating in scholarly conferences, policy workshops and analytical seminars of established universities, leading think-tanks, scholarly associations, and political foundations;
- have conducted one or more doctoral and/or postdoctoral research periods at an internationally ranked higher education or research institution;
- have been awarded one or more scholarships for realizing specialized study or research project/s from one or more reputed funding institution/s;
- have a full- or part-time affiliation with a university, think-tank or other relevant institution, at their home town;
- be able to claim membership in some relevant scholarly advisory or editorial boards, and recognized academic associations or research networks;
- be taking part in advocacy campaigns aimed at promoting policy objectives corresponding to the IEAC’s mission, actively communicating with government organs, business communities, civil society organizations, public opinion leaders and mass media; and/or
- be participating, as lecturer, speaker or trainer, in public awareness activities related to European as well as Euro-Atlantic integration, and/or Ukraine’s increasing participation in it.
Being a very small, under-developed, and under-funded institution, we, unfortunately, are not able to provide to Associate Fellows any research funding, office space, secretarial assistance, travel agency, promotional activity, local accommodation, logistic support, etc. We may, however, in certain cases, be able to help with relevant contacts, publishing opportunities, networking possibilities etc.
Though being official, your affiliation with us would remain an informal one – meaning that it will not involve a contract or other legal obligations, from either side. Observing rules of academic freedom of expression, the IEAC does not take any legal, political and/or moral responsibility for the public or non-public statements of its affiliated Fellows.
If interested in becoming affiliated to us and joining our emerging world-wide network, please, send your extensive CV (including a full publications list), a one-page cover letter addressing the above points, as well as, if you think it necessary, further supporting material (degree certificates, letters of recommendation, award/prize certification, etc.), all merged within one and only one PDF document. This document should have your full name as its title, and be sent as an email attachment, to:
Decisions on a possible affiliation will be taken through consensus of the above five core experts. We cannot provide any particulars of our selection procedures and results. Applications will be reviewed and decided upon, on a rolling basis. There are no deadlines or fixed terms of decision-making. Affiliations will, once granted, be open-ended. The IEAC’s Head and Research Director reserve, however, the right to revoke an affiliation unilaterally and without further clarification, at any time. Fellows may likewise terminate their affiliation at any time, and without any further explanation or obligation.
If you believe that you fit in our team, we shall be happy to receive and review your full application, as one PDF document titled with your name!
PS: Please, be aware of the increasingly large amount of daily communication all of us are engaged in, especially since the start of Ukraine’s confrontation with Russia. We therefore prefer to not engage in extensive exchanges, with individual applicants, about the particulars of their applications. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and disappointments this may cause.


Contact Info: 

Dr. Andreas Umland, IEAC, c/o DAAD, German Embassy, vul. Bohdana Khmelnitskoho 25, UA-01901 Kiev, UKRAINE