Regional Heritage Preservation – Techniques and Practices

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Call for Publications
June 17, 2022
United Kingdom
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Area Studies, Ancient History, Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies


Place: Canterbury, UK / Virtual     -    Organizers: University of Kent


Dates: 15-17 June 2022                -    Abstracts: 30 Nov 2021 (Round 1)   / 30 March (Round 2)


A conference on regional design, culture and technology – past, present, and future


The Tangible – Intangible Heritage(s) conference in Canterbury, UK seeks papers responding to the following provocation:


The buildings, towns and cities we inhabit are physical entities created in the past, experienced in the present, and projected to inform the future. The same can be said of the artefacts we use daily: designed furniture in the home, the mobile devices in our hands, the vehicles we see on our streets. However, each of these places, buildings and products had, at their inception, social and cultural roles beyond their ‘object’ status. They continue to have them today. What we understand a designed object to be then, is a complex question of material and social import, and an intricate play of the tangible and intangible identities. Increasingly, it is also a question of hybrid experiences and overlaid histories. 


The event is international and interdisciplinary. It combines an interest in history, preservation and digital tools and techniques of conservation.


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Howard Griffin

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