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Call for Papers
June 15, 2022
United Kingdom
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Italian History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Ancient History, Area Studies, Asian History / Studies


The Tangible – Intangible Heritage(s) conference in Canterbury, UK seeks papers from academics from a diverse set of geographical and cultural contexts. The aim is to examine and share local and regional experiences of art, architectural and cultural heritage, preservation and contemporary modes of conservation with an international audience.  


The premise is that the history of people, settlements, artefacts and ideas are inherently placed based. Informed by regional climates, terrains, politics, religious beliefs, social movements and cultural trends they defy and are challenged by globalization in many of its current forms. The heritage and preservation agendas of the past century and more have attempted to address this and, recently, have also begun to ‘appropriate’ a number of its tools: mass media modes of dissemination; online exhibitions for global engagement; computer digitization to record and document local traditions and cultural artifacts. By way of a few examples.


In examining this, the (In)tangible Heritage(s) conference seeks to discuss our understanding of the past through the prism offered by the technologies of today. 


The event is held in Canterbury, UK

It is co-organized and hosted by the University of Kent

The dates are 15-17 June 2022       

Presentations can be in-person and/or virtual     

Abstracts are due on 30 Nov 2021 (Round 1) and 30 March (Round 2)




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Cindee Hogan

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