ExRe(y). Spaces of Expression and Repression in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Visual Culture

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Call for Papers
October 22, 2015
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Literature, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Canadian History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, American History / Studies

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

Lublin, Poland

April 7-8, 2016


Call for papers

MCSU Department of American Literature and Culture in cooperation with Canadian Studies Department and Video Game Research Center is pleased to announce a two-day international conference “ExRe(y). Spaces of Expression and Repression in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Visual Culture.” The conference will take place in Lublin, Poland, on 7-8 April 2016.

We invite presentations that focus on the forms of expression and repression in American or Canadian literature and visual culture (i.e. film, visual arts, video games, television, and others) spanning the period of the last fifteen years, from the year 2000 to the present day.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • language as a source and tool of oppression and empowerment
  • sexuality: self-expression vs. erotophobia and sexual repression
  • mind: creativity and trauma, denial and repressed memory
  • the body as a space of self-expression and self-inflicted regimes: dietary and beautification practices, clothing, body modification
  • emotional abuse, power, and control relationships
  • spaces of confinement: prisons, war zones, refugee camps
  • surveillance: panopticons and spaces of control
  • political repression and persecution: totalitarianism, autocracy, dictatorship, despotism
  • representations of post-millennial watersheds (9/11, Enron, John Jay Report, crisis of 2008)
  • new forms of narrative expression (blogs, fan fiction, Twiterature)
  • text as an interactive space: ergodic literature, hypertext, cybertext
  • video games and virtual worlds as spaces of expression and repression
  • cross- and trans-media dialogues (expressing image through text and text through image)


Confirmed keynote speakers:

Prof. Stefan Brandt, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz, Austria

Prof. Pawel Frelik, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland


Selected presenters will be invited to participate in a joint book project to be published by Peter Lang in 2017.

Abstracts, including the title of the paper, name of the author(s), and academic affiliation, should be sent to Izabella Kimak and Julia Nikielto exrey2016@gmail.com by 22 October 2015 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

The conference fee of 250 PLN or 65 € covers conference materials, coffee breaks and a wine reception.

Further information is available on the conference website at exrey.umcs.lublin.pl.

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