Announcing a New Book Series with Texas A&M University Press

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Borderlands, Mexican History / Studies, Native American History / Studies, Race / Ethnic Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Announcing a New Book Series with Texas A&M University Press

We are pleased to announce a new book series, formed in partnership between Texas A&M University-San Antonio and Texas A&M University Press.  This multidisciplinary series, called Vistas, will be a publishing venue for scholarly works contributing to the body of knowledge in the humanities, social sciences, and education, with the goal of advancing discussions around transnational, regional, and local borders and barriers, including but not limited to: colonial/imperial practices and legacies; race and ethnicity; gender studies; social, political, and cultural movements.

The faculty editorial board is currently seeking manuscripts to consider for publication in this new series.  Authors working on book-length projects that might align with the Vistas series mission and goals should contact any of the board members for more information.

Editorial Board:

William S. Kiser, General Editor –

Philis Barragán-Goetz (History) –

Amy Porter (History) –

Andrew Sanders (Political Science) –

Michael Boucher (Education) –

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Dr. William S. Kiser (Texas A&M University-San Antonio) - Vistas Series General Editor

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