Humanities of Migration: Emotion, Culture, and Knowledge

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Call for Papers
May 20, 2022 to May 21, 2022
Korea South
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Geography, Humanities, Philosophy, Sociology

Dates                             : 20 May – 21 May 2022

Venue                            : Hansung University, Seoul, Korea

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SUBMISSION DEADLINE   : 15th January 2022

Announcement of Results : 1st February 2022


The growing scale and complexity of  migration define our age as the age of migration. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, mobility has become severely regulated as potentially uncontrollable andthreatening behaviour. Human history is filled with continuous movement, which is always political in the broad sense of relations and contestations pertaining to power.  Here, the binary distinctions between inclusion and exclusion, centre and periphery, host and guest, and ‘original’ residents and immigrants are blurred, challenging the hierarchical divisions.

The international conference of the Humanities of Migration responds to this understanding about migrants and migration by providing a collaborative forum to bring together migration scholars with diverse interests and expertise in the humanities. We are more interested in the narratives about the movements and social imaginations of human beings than "scientific facts and data on migration. Narratives and imaginations aboutmigration provide explanations of bodily, sensible, emotional, and affective experiences of migration that are both nuanced and vivid. The main premise of our conference lies in questioning the binary assumptions of existing migration studies and acknowledging that migration in human history has always been a political movement tied in with conflicts in particular spatial-temporal localities. 

We invite individual papers that focus on methodological approaches in humanities while drawing on substantive findings relevant to “modern migrations”, or migrations since the 19th century. Individual papers addressing one or more of the following questions are particularly welcome:

  • How can humanities offer new possibilities for migration studies by proposing ontological or epistemological shifts in migration research?
  • How do the lifeworld experiences of school, workplace, home, and other social spaces blur the binary distinction between migrants vs. non-migrants?
  • How does the cultural imagination of migration help establish new relationships between migrants and non-migrants and offer different or alternative ways to communicate among heterogeneous groups?

Proposals from both recent PhDs and established scholars in all fields related to the humanities of migrationare encouraged. Send us a proposal with a title, 300 word abstract, and brief bio to by 15th January 2022. 


* Please use the proposal template for the conference attached below.

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All accepted presenters from abroad will be provided with full economy roundtrip airfare to and from Seoul and 2 nights accommodation. We cordially request that all presenters submit a full paper within three months after the conference. Collected paper will be published in a special issue or a book.   


For further information, please contact us at Dr. Kim Jiyoun


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Hansung University, Seoul, Korea

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