HISTORY '16 / 3rd International History Conference

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May 6, 2016 to May 7, 2016
Subject Fields: 
Research and Methodology, Social Sciences, World History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Public History

HISTORY '16 / 3rd International History Conference will be held in Istanbul on May 6-7, 2016. The conference will be coordinated by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and a special focus will be on 'Representing the Past: Historiography'.

What is the influence of theory on historical research? How have the theories, perpectives and methods been changed throughout the centuries and according to culture and politics? Alongside the way historians looks at the history and historical research, the ideological background of historical narratives and their public perception will also be discussed. 

In addition to the historiography as the main topic archives, archival research and documentation will also be taken into consideration. As the way of extracting evidence from original archival records affects the end results of a study, historical studies should also be integrated with the theory of archival research.

We invite historians of scholars working on historiography to attend and submit a proposals to present their work at the HISTORY '16 Conference.


Will be announced


All submitted papers are subject to double blind peer review. Conference proceedings are going to be available on DVD as e-book and DAKAM's digital library  with an ISBN number before the conference and will be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the "Thomson & Reuters Web of Science's Conference Proceedings Citation Index" (CPCI) and Google Scholars.




Papers would be expected to be based on original research drawn from studies on history and historiography. 

Theory of History and Historiography
Premodern History, Enlightment, 19th Century, 20th Century and 21th Century. Critical philosophy of history. Historians. Contemporary theories. Recent discoveries and texts. Historical history texts.

History of Economy, Trade and Work

Economy and economical systems, consumption, trade routes, trade forms and laws, goods and production, farming, fishery, industries, class conflicts, working class, wealth, luxury.

History of Intercultural Dialogue, Cities and Travel

Cultural interactions, cultural dialogue, diplomacy, transformation and development of cities, urban and planning history, architecture, travellers, transportation technologies and systems, diaries, narratives, printed media and communication technologies.

History of Politics

Political systems, forms of states, social conflicts, social stratification, wars, treaties, colonization, 'westernization', construction of national identities, migration, occupations, systems of justice and law, crime, punishment

History of Emotions, Habits, Life style

Defining, representing and sources of emotions; human behavior and psychology, daily life, fashion, Art, Crafts, popular culture,  solidarity, violence, language.

History of Ideology, Belief and Representation

Variety of beliefs, religious interactions and conflicts, transformation of beliefs, sacrements, rituals, representation of political thoughts, rhetoric ideological structures, intellectuals, movements of thoughts.

Memory Studies
Celebration and denouncing key moments. Identity and Ideology. Sociological perspectives and oral history.

Documentation and Archives

Interpretation of Historical Texts, Narratives, Letters, official documents, image, archives, libraries.


Cezayir Meeting Halls in Istanbul
Hayriye Caddesi 12, Galatasaray, Beyoğlu

Cezayir building was built in 1901 as a school by the Italian Workers' Society. The building, with its 2005 renovation, has been transformed into a landmark establishment serving under the Cezayir Garden, Cezayir Lounge and Cezayir Rooms brands on its three floors. Housing a restaurant, a lounge, a bar and meeting rooms as well as providing a wide range of cultural events in its halls. 


You can submit your abstract by entering the online registration system  EASYCHAIR at https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=history16

You will receive a reply to your proposal within three weeks following a double-blind review process.