CfP: “Spectres of Time in Space: Tracing Phantom Temporalities with Architectural Methodologies

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April 9, 2022
United Kingdom
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Architecture and Architectural History, Anthropology, Geography, Urban Design and Planning, Urban History / Studies

Architects Libero Andreotti and Nadir Lahiji (2016) have argued that there is “no city that is not without its spectres.” Memories of contested pasts and aspirational dreamworlds, forgotten historical actors, and ever-looming futures are just some of the many spectres haunting cities globally. Though such hauntings are rarely accounted for in traditional analyses of urban growth, change, and crisis — in part due to the methodological challenges that researching them entails — a small but growing body of literature has foregrounded their influence in shaping urban imaginaries, in generating conflicting temporalities, and in the making, as well as unmaking, of built environments.

Building on this work, the conference Spectres of Time in Space: Tracing Phantom Temporalities with Architectural Methodologies takes the realms of the spectral, the phantom, and the haunted seriously as central drivers of urban transformation. Further situated in the expansive literature on time in/and space, this conference seeks to explore the temporal implications of a city’s spectres, which both exist in and act through the medium of space. We are particularly interested in foregrounding architectural methodologies as productive interventions in the interdisciplinary studies of urban spectres and temporalities, which would ground the analyses of ephemeral phenomena in their tangible, material, and spatial manifestations. We ask, how can architectural modes of inquiry render the spectral realms of the temporal more visible and legible?



Opening Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor AbdouMaliq Simone, Sheffield Urban Institute

  • Professor Shin Egashira, The Architectural Association School of Architecture 

Concluding Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Iulia Statica, The Bartlett School of Architecture

  • Professor Tao DuFour, Cornell University

Film Screening: 

  • “My Socialist Home”, Dr Iulia Statica

  • “We Love We Self Up Here”, Professor Tao DuFour

  • Discussion with the filmmakers, moderated by Professor Francois Penz


Call for Abstracts:


We welcome submissions from architects, historians, anthropologists, geographers and other scholars who work directly and intently with the built form. Submissions are encouraged to reflect on the conceptual and methodological approaches of performing ‘architectural research’ that allows them to understand how the temporalities (tempo, rhythm, cycles, continuity, stilling, flux) of the (re)creation of space (architecture, landscape, materiality, adaptation, occupation) are informed by the spectral (hauntings, ghostly absences, phantom presences, dreamworlds, phantasmagoria). 


Please send a 300 word abstract and short biography to


We will be seeking to organize a special journal issue for the conference proceedings.


Call for Visual Submissions: 


Seeking visual submissions -- maps, plans, renderings, illustrations, drawings, sketches, collages, multimedia pieces, etc -- that represent and respond to the conference’s themes of space, spectrality, and temporality. Select submissions will be displayed in the Gallery at Scroope Terrace. Competition open to all. Please send your submission to by 1 February, 2022.




  • Deadline to submit abstract -- 15 December 2021

  • Accepted submissions notified by -- 15 January 2022

  • Working papers submitted by -- 15 March 2022

  • Conference date -- 9 April 2022



Facebook: @SpectresofTimeinSpace

Twitter: @SpectresOf_Conf

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Conference Organisers: 

Ibrahim Abdou
PhD, Candidate
Department of Architecture
University of Cambridge


Ekaterina Mizrokhi
PhD, Candidate
Department of Architecture
University of Cambridge