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April 1, 2016
Colorado, United States
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The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library

Clark-Yudkin Research Fellowships

The Friends of the Air Force Academy Library have established the Clark-Yudkin Research Fellowship to promote awareness and use of the resources available in the Clark Special Collections Branch of the Air Force Academy's McDermott Library.

Awarded annually, Clark-Yudkin fellowships assist visiting researchers with travel and living expenses while working with the Academy library's scholarly collections. Grants range from $1000 to $15,000. The amount of a given grant will be determined by the relevance of the proposed research to the library's holdings and the merits and significance of the project. Applications are invited from senior and early career scholars, recent PhDs, and advanced graduate students. Recipients are expected to complete their fellowship research within one year from the date of the award.

For detailed descriptions of the holdings in the Clark Special Collections Branch, go to the Air Force Academy Library home page: and then open the link to "Special Collections."

Additional information and an online application are available at The Friends home page: , open the link to "Research Fellowship” and then scroll down to “Application and Overview.”  Applications and related materials are due no later than April 1, 2016. Applicants will be notified of The Friends' decision in early May.

Questions concerning the Clark-Yudkin Research Fellowship may be submitted via email to .

The Friends are pleased to announce the names of the 2012 through 2015 Clark-Yudkin research fellows:


Dr. Susan Branson

Professor of History, Syracuse University

Project title:  “Flights of Fancy:  Air Ballooning and the American Imagination”


CDR Robert E. Poling, III, USN

PhD Candidate, Kings College, London University

Project title:  Air-Sea Battle, An Old Concept Made New: US Navy and Army Air Forces and Air-Sea Battle in the Solomon Islands Campaign, 1942-1943”


Colonel Lawrence Spinetta, USAF

Commander, 69 Reconnaissance Group, Grand Forks AFB, ND

Project title:  Biography of General Thomas D. White, USAF



Mr. Dan Gashler

PhD Candidate, State University of New York at Binghamton

Project title:  “Axis or Allies?  Rescuing Airmen Downed Over Yugoslavia, 1943-1945” 


Lt Colonel Joel E. Higley, USAF

PhD Candidate:  The Ohio State University

Project title:  “Blue Torch:” Lawrence Kuter and the Making of an Independent Air Force”



Mr. Patrick J. Charles

352d Special Operations Group

RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom

Project title:  “The Papers of Colonel Cortez Enloe and the Origins of the Air Commandos”


Dr. Catherine L. Newell

University of Miami

Project title:  “The Wheels of Titan: Faith, the Future, and America’s Final Frontier”


Dr. Sharon D. Raynor

Johnson C. Smith University

Project title:  “First of the First: Oral History of African-American Graduates and Officers of the US Air Force Academy”



Dr. Samuel Z. Baker

Assistant Professor of History, Georgia Southern University

Project title:  “Forward Progress:  Desegregating College Football, 1945-1975”


Ms. Amelia Underwood

MA Candidate, Department of History, James Madison University

Project title:  Living on the Outside:  An Analysis of the Integration of Women at the United States Air Force Academy, 1976-1986”

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Peggy Litwhiler, Chairperson, Clark-Yudkin Fellowship

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