Transnational Childism Colloquium titled “Childism and Philosophy”

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December 10, 2021
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Childhood and Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Philosophy
Welcome to the next Transnational Childism Colloquium titled “Childism and Philosophy” which will take place on Friday, December 10 from 9:00 to 11:00 am US Philadelphia time (ET) via Zoom. Please visit the institute's website (url below) for the link. 

This Transnational Childism Colloquium brings together a diversity of perspectives to develop conceptual clarity about what could and should be meant by the term childism.

  • What does the notion of childism mean, particularly but not only in its childhood studies sense?

  • How could childism contribute to better understandings of human beings and relations?

  • How is the concept related to and distinct from philosophies in feminism, liberalism, poststructuralism, and other philosophies?

  • How is childism a challenge to the discipline of philosophy itself?

Panel 1 – Philosophical Perspectives

  • Hanne Warming, Roskilde University

  • Tanu Biswas, University of Stavanger

  • John Wall, Rutgers University

  • Karin Murris, University of Oulu

Panel 2 – Critical Engagements

  • David Kennedy, Montclair State University 

  • Walter Kohan, State University of Rio de Janeiro

  • Katy Dineen, University College Cork

  • Ohad Zehavi, Tel Aviv University

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