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Call for Publications
Subject Fields: 
Women's & Gender History / Studies, Sexuality Studies, Race Studies, Philosophy, Digital Humanities

En-Gender aims on establishing an international community for the study of gender in the cultural studies, social sciences and humanities. We especially want to create a joint community for undergraduate and postgraduate scholars on gender.


With our blog we want to reflect the different experiences of us inside and in relation to academia. As always, the contributions can be anonymous or personalized.

Possible contributions can be on the following topics: 

Academia and the Pandemic 
How has your perception of gender changed during the last 1,5 years? 
How was your research affected?
What are your experiences of online conferences - do you want to go "back to normal"? 

Art, Exhibitions, Museums
Do you have recommendations? 
What were your experiences with new forms of exhibitions? 
How has art changed in the last years? 
Are there any pieces of art, museums or artists you want to highlight? 

Utopia Academia
In a perfect world, how would academia look like for you? 
What would be the first things you would like to change?
How can we get there?

Dystopia Academia
What bad experiences have you made?
What would you suggest to others to cope? 
What might have brought you to leave academia?