HiSTOReLo 28 (September-December, 2021). Dossier Families, powers and material culture in Spain and Latin America towards the end of the Old Regime. A comparative perspective

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American History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, Demographic History / Studies

Last edition of 2021 of HiSTOReLo. The Journal is a space for the socialization of unpublished historical research with local and regional perspectives. It also promotes theoretical, historiographical and methodological disciplinary debates. This journal accepts proposals aiming to link this discipline to other sciences in order to foster interdisciplinary dialogue.


Renzo Ramírez Bacca, Ph.D. - Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Guest editors - dossier 

Mónica Ghirardi - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

Francisco Chacón-Jiménez - Universidad de Murcia, España