Animal Sociologies: Multispecies Ethnography, Philosophical Ethology, Animal Culture (Eastern Sociological Society Mini-Conference)

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Call for Papers
October 22, 2015
Massachusetts, United States
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Anthropology, Cultural History / Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Environmental History / Studies

Seeking submissions for a structured mini-conference at the Eastern Sociological Society on the topic of “Animal Sociologies: Multispecies Ethnography, Philosophical Ethology, Animal Culture.” This series of sessions at the ESS will focus especially on methodological, activist, and theoretical elaborations of research concerning animal life in the social sciences.


Sociology and Anthropology have important observational research tools for the study of nonhuman animals, human-animal interactions, and hybrid human-animal communities. The now-established scientific consensus on culture among nonhuman animals has made longstanding social scientific approaches to the study of culture indispensable to cutting-edge research on animal cultures. At the same time, the social sciences have recently been shedding their entrenched anthropocentric biases in a growing realization of the social agency and importance of nonhuman animals.


Submissions that address empirical studies of nonhuman animals or human-animal interactions, methodological elaborations in the area, activist engagements, or theoretical work on the role of nonhuman animals are welcomed.


Please submit by October 22, 2015. Submission of pre-constituted panels is possible, single submissions will be organized thematically in the mini-conference. Please include complete contact information and a 250 word abstract. The Eastern Sociological Society meets March 17-21, 2016, in Boston, Massachusetts at the Park Plaza Hotel and Towers.



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jeffrey bussolini, PhD  ESS Mini-conference Organizer  (under ESS President Barbara Katz Rothman)

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CUNY and ABMSC/Center for Feline Studies

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