Eastern Sociological Society Mini-Conference on the Sociology of Popular Culture and Subculture(s)

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Call for Papers
October 22, 2015
Massachusetts, United States
Subject Fields: 
Cultural History / Studies, Contemporary History, Popular Culture Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology

I am seeking submissions for panels at the 2016 Eastern Sociological Society meeting, to be formed around the topic of the sociology of popular culture and of subculture(s).  Relevant topics would include sociological analyses of any format of popular culture -- film, television, new media, fiction, manga, music, etc. -- either in terms of analyzing some aspect of the form itself, its marketing and promotion, or of a specific text or vehicle, as well as sociological analysis of any sort of subcultural phenomenon, group, or event.  Sociological analysis in this case means that your inquiry is grounded in sociological thinking and/or sociological methods.  If you have been studying a specific group (country line dancers, Goths, or online church members, for example) or have done an analysis of a particular text (a sociological critique of a given film or song, perhaps) or are considering some popular culture or subcultural form or event (Homecoming, cosplay, fandoms, election rallies, lines of people waiting for major movie premieres, etc.), that would all be pertinent to this topic.  


Please email me your name, affiliation, contact information, and a title and 200-250 word abstract (longer abstracts cannot be entered into the submission system) for your proposed paper.  I will select papers for panels and submit those together, and any other papers can be submitted individually to ESS.


The 2016 meeting will be held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers, in Boston, MA from the 17-21 of March 2016.

I must receive submissions no later than 22 October and, preferably, in advance of that date.

Contact Info: 

Ananya Mukherjea, PhD

Convener of Mini-Conference on the Sociology of Popular Culture and Subculture(s) for Eastern Sociological Society 2016 Program Committee

Associate Professor

Sociology, City University of New York, Staten Island

You may email me directly at <ananya_mukherjea@yahoo.com> or ESS Program Committee Chair Vilna Bashi Treitler at <easterns2016@gmail.com>.