CALL FOR PAPERS. EAUH 2016. Session 'New energy paradigms in urban Europe, XIXth and XXth centuries'

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Call for Papers
June 15, 2015 to October 31, 2015
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Urban History / Studies, Business History / Studies, Contemporary History, European History / Studies
Call for papers

Reinterpreting cities

13th International Conference

European Association for Urban History

Helsinki/Finland - August 24-27, 2016



New energy paradigms in urban Europe, XIXth and XXth centuries

CONTENT: In order to explain economic changes taking place since the Industrial Revolution, the concept of energy transition has been increasingly applied by historians, particularly as the energy crisis has become a recurrent issue since the late twentieth century. This concept is based on the assumption that a single energy source (or group of related sources) dominates the market during a period, but it will be replaced by another one/s. It also relates to an issue that has attracted increased attention from historians, that is public utilities. In this regard, in this session we aim to explore the changes that occurred during the last two centuries in the energy paradigm of European cities, and in particular in two of its most significant applications: transportation and energy supply for public and private lighting. The goal is to identify patterns of change that took place in the long run in European cities, since the transition from pre-industrial forms of energy to coal, electricity and petroleum. In the first case, coal gas caused remarkable changes, as it was the first public utility that was implemented in most cities throughout Europe (particularly in lighting). By the end of the nineteenth century electricity began to pose a strong competition to control the territory, which eventually accelerated a new energy transition and had a larger impact on cities. Finally, the transition to oil came hand in hand with motorization. It permanently altered the morphology of cities, besides causing dramatic socio-economic consequences. The session aims to find the key factors that were responsible for the diverging timing in the implementation of energy sources in Europe. Those papers discussing these issues at the national level rather than case studies will be appreciated, as well as those adopting a comparative approach that allows the development of a more comprehensive panel for the whole continent. Approaches on technical, business, regulation or institutional issues related to these public utilities will be welcomed.

Keywords: energy, energy transition, lighting, public utilities, urban infrastructures

Main session (max. 7-8 papers)



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Andrea Giuntini

Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy)

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Dipartimento di Economia Marco Biagi. Foro Boario. Via Jacopo Berengario, 51. 41121 Modena. Italy



Jesús Mirás

University of La Coruña (Spain)

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Departamento de Economía Aplicada I, Facultade de Economía e Empresa. Universidade da Coruña. Campus de Elviña. A Coruña 15071. Spain



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