Call for Papers: Commemorating the Centenary of the Dissolution of the Habsburg Empire. Historical Searches Journal

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2018
Bosnia Herzegovina
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Modern European History / Studies, Military History, Political History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies

Institute for history in Sarajevo has recently redesigned its journal, Historical Searches. The next number of Historical Searches will be dedicated to commemorating the centenary of the dissolution of the Habsburg Empire. However, this date serves only as a motive, our aim is to explore the conditions and consequences of “regime change” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the past 150 years. We strive to present both perils and opportunities that arise from these events. In that attempt, we did not limit ourselves only to political and military history but also to other aspects such as sociological impact of regime change, it’s effects on cultural heritage, every-day life and other areas that were impacted by political and military actions in the observed time period. Therefore, we aim to promote multidisciplinary approach. Also, we are not limited to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are eager to read about similar or different experiences from other nations in our region.

Post-graduate students, researchers, and other related and interested authors are invited to join us and explore this interesting theme. We are searching for papers in Historical Searches to be 5000-8000 words. The papers will be edited and included in the Historical Searches nr 17, and published in October 2018.

Text should be written in font size 12, with 1.5 lines spacing. Notes are footnotes, and not endnotes. Bibliography should be contained in notes, to preserve space.

To aplly with a paper in the Journal, please send (a) your abstract (300
words), as well as (b) a short cv to:

Deadline for abstract: January 31st 2018.

Deadline for complete paper: March 31st 2018.


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