Call for an Edited Book titled “The Evolving Power Dynamics in South Asia: From Hard Power to Soft Power to Smart Power”

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Call for Papers
July 15, 2022
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South Asian History / Studies, Area Studies, Asian History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations

Call for an Edited Book titled

“The Evolving Power Dynamics in South Asia: From Hard Power to Soft Power to Smart Power”

The South Asian Subcontinent has remained a theatre of power politics since the colonial times. The dynamics of power in South Asia has its own flavor which ranges from hard power to soft power and is evolving into, what scholars now refer to as, smart power. The key ideas that this book aims to capture revolve around these themes. The use of hard power in South Asia has remained prevalent in both the colonial and the post-colonial times. The India-Pakistan rivalry remains at the heart of the hard power equations in South Asia. Issues such as India’s hegemonic ambition in South Asia and its triangular relations with other South Asian states and China also form the pillars of hard power politics in South Asia. While South Asia has remained privy to the contours of hard power, the introduction of soft power to the sub-continent is relatively newer phenomena. The nuances of soft power in South Asia are predicated primarily on the shared cultural past of its populace. Tools of soft power in South Asia such as Bollywood, Cricket, Culinary practices, diaspora, Ghazals and folklores, tourism and hospitality etc. have hitherto unexplored perspectives that the current book hopes to explore. A growing development in the field of diplomacy is smart power which combines the potent parts of both hard and soft power to further national interest. The book attempts to give adequate impetus to ideas relating to this emerging domain of International Relations and South Asia.

The proposed book aims to have articles from academicians, practitioners, media people and other experts working in the fields relevant to the subject of the book. The scope of the book will extend, but not remain limited, to the following sub-themes:

  • Smart Power Strategies and South Asia
  • Future of Power dynamics in South Asia: Hard Power to Soft Power
  • Cultural Hegemony and South Asia
  • Bollywood and Soft Power
  • Cricket Diplomacy in South Asia
  • Culinary Diplomacy
  • Dance Diplomacy
  • Tourism Diplomacy
  • Soft power to Smart Power: The Idea of transition
  • Soft Power and Higher Education in South Asia
  • Migration Diplomacy and Soft Power
  • Religion and Soft Power
  • Music Diplomacy in South Asia
  • Popular Culture and Soft Power
  • Digital Diplomacy: The impact of Internet and ICT in South Asia
  • Twitter Diplomacy

The book will be jointly edited by Dr. Vaishali Raghuvanshi (Assistant Professor of Political Science, Banaras Hindu University) and Dr. Pramod Jaiswal (Research Director, Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement).

The book will be published by a reputed international publisher.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline                                 15 November 2021

Notification of abstract acceptance                       25 November 2021

Submission of full chapter                                       5 January 2022

For those interested, please:

Send your abstract (250-300 words), and brief bio of the author (100 words) by 15th November 2021 and full chapter (4000-6500 words) by 5th January 2022 to and copy to:

Please note the following:

  • The length of the final proposed chapter should be less than 6500 words (including abstract, references plus 2-3 tables or graphs, if needed).
  • Please use Harvard citations format for referencing.
  • For any queries and clarification, please free to contact us by email (mentioned above) or WhatsApp: +977-9840383300/+91-8860215625.
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