Tarraco Biennal. 5th International Conference on Archaeology and Ancient World: Roman Ports. Archaeology of Port Systems

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October 15, 2021
Subject Fields: 
Ancient History, Archaeology, Classical Studies, Humanities, Maritime History / Studies

We present the final programme of the Fifth International Conference of Archaeology and Ancient World. The conference should have been celebrated in November of 2020, but it was postponed due to the health emergency of the covid-19. This year we restart this meeting the following 25th, 26th and 27th of November with the topic “Roman harbours. Archaeology of port systems”. The conference will take place in the main lecture hall of the Faculty of Humanities, at the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, ES).

The conference is organised by the University Rovira i Virgili and the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology. The collaborators are the Territorial Servicies of Archaeology of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Museum of History of Tarragona, the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona, the Biblic Museum and the Royal Archaeological Society of Tarragona. The conference also is sponsored by Fundació Privada Mutua Catalana, the Council of Tarragona, the Port of Tarragona and the European project EuroTech (URV/ICAC). 

The aim of this conference is to study the organisation of harbours, particularly focusing on their interconnected nature both at a local/regional level and on a Mediterranean-wide scale. The objective is to analyse ports not just as built infrastructures, but also as nodes within a network of lesser regional harbours and anchorages – which configured port-systems – and crossroads of goods and people within the long-distance Mediterranean and Atlantic exchange routes.

The fulfilment of archaeological fieldwork at paleocoastal areas has brought the need for implementation of specific techniques to address the challenges of maritime archaeology, such as the study of shipwrecks or the recovery of other material remains buried in the basins of harbours or anchorages. Sedimentology, paleoenvironmental studies and historical cartography research are further methodologies and approaches which have been also applied to complement the archaeological data. Together with this, it has been always important to reflect again upon the written sources to search for new insights or reinterpretation of the Greco-Latin texts.

Structure of the conference and attendance

This year the conference introduces a change from the other editions, becoming a closed conference. Nineteen keynote presentations will be conducted by several internationally renowned specialists in the field. The meeting will broaden knowledge and prompt scientific debates through the research in the main harbours and port systems of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, both maritime and fluvial.

The conference will take place the 26th and 27th November in the morning and afternoon. Visits to the Port Museum and National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona are scheduled for the 28th November.

Inscriptions for attendance are free and registration will be open from the 15th October in the following website: https://tarracobiennal.com/5cong/inscripcions_en.php

The conference also has a prevention protocol against Covid-19 with the aim of holding the event with maximum safety guarantees, according to the guideline of the PROCICAT and the University Rovira i Virgili the following November of 2021.